Run Raja Run Review

Run Raja Run Review
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Behind the Movie Run Raja Run: Hit banner of UV Creations which earlier made ‘Mirchi’ with Prabhas is back here with Sharwanand. Director Sujeeth popularized for making nearly 40 short films is the debutant. Let us see, how good is their run?

In the Movie Run Raja Run: Story starts with series of kidnappings in city and Commissioner Dileep (Sampath Raj) is appointed to crack the mystery. Into the next zone Raja (Sharwanand) is introduced as a son of vegetable market shopkeeper Prakash (Jayaprakash). Raja in search of a girl friend with series of failures finds Priya (Seerath Kapoor) as right match and love blossoms in no time. Priya is none other than Dileep’s daughter. 

A special plan of Dileep and sub-ordinate Nayeem (Adivi Sesh) to nab the kidnapper using Raja throws them in trouble with Raja in turn kidnapping Priya and Minister (Kota)’s son (Vennela Kishore) demanding a ransom of Rs. 15 Crores. What is the real motto of Raja behind these kidnaps? How is an officer in police department helping him? What is the connection between Dileep and Prakash is rest?

Values of the Movie Run Raja Run: An ordinary story looks extra ordinary, if right screenplay is added and a talented director well acquainted with technicalities is handling it. Run Raja Run is surely the best of pick among the bunch of weak movies releasing in last few months. It has a gripping screenplay with good number of twists, turns offering a good thrill. Even a commendable love track supplemented by neat writing enhanced a fresh feel. Madhie’s cinematography is an extension of marvelous work of ‘Mirchi.’ Every frame seems to have been simulated with utmost care to showcase each and every penny spent by producers. Madhu’s editing is also clairvoyant with biggest of twists made and understood so simply to audience. Ghibran’s music oozed lot of bloom into narration augmented with affluent picturization. Anyways Director Sujeeth needs to be applauded for crafty handling of all the technical departments. Production values of Vamsi, Pramod of UV Creations are also top notch.

On performance front, Sharwanand cannot dream for any big comeback than this. This is certainly a ‘hatke’ characterization which he never tried so far. Sharwa known for high intense cum underplaying portrayal of roles is uber cool here with high sense of humor and stylized trendy costumes. This is a complete image make over for this talented youngster. Seerath Kapoor, the curly hair beauty was looking fabulous with a photogenic face. Sampath Raj is although old to Telugu films, he is promisingly a new found replacement for Prakashraj if utilized properly. He showed diverse shades as a hidden antagonist. Adivi Sesh is into a purposeful character giving a big surprise in climax. Jayaprakash was subtle while Kota, Vennela Kishore, Ali and other did their parts.

Out of the Movie Run Raja Run: Any director needs to have crystal clarity on handling of each and every scene along with its link to deep rooted story. Sujeeth influenced by Hollywood style of making and writing has kept many threads locked till pre climax. Once all of them are unlocked one by one, those amazing moments in closing episodes are enough for a movie to end on positive note. He tried a half-beaten screenplay yet succeeded in convincing the patrons with elegant presentation. New artists and new instances are apparently to bring about a neoteric look. Selection of Sampat Raj, Sharwanand, Seerath Kapoor, Jayaprakash spectacles the unseasoned style of Sujeeth. He seems to have not at all bothered on pulling emotions rather worked hard to propagate a light vein comedy out of all possible situations.

Except first 20 minutes of second half, there are no big drawbacks to mention. Although not an exceptional and awe inspiring film, ‘Run Raja Run’ is definitely a run for your ticket money. Sharwa in new look, Ghibran music, Madhie camera work stood on top. From commercial point of view, metro, A and a section of B center audience are sure to love it while lower class centers might be averted. 

Cinejosh Verdict of Run Raja Run: Good Raja Good.

                                                         Cinejosh Rating: 3

                                                                          Reviewed by Srivaas  

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