Ruler Review

Ruler Review
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Director: KS Ravikumar
Producer: C Kalyan
Release Date: Fri 20th Dec 2019
Actors: Balakrishna
Ruler Rating: 1.75 / 5
Ruler Punchline: Unbearable

Ruler Review, What’s Behind?

Balakrishna who’s going through lean phase, for Ruler had teamed up with KS Ravikumar with whom he previously delivered an average grosser Jai Simha. Will the film put an end to his flop streak?

Ruler Story Review:

Aditya Prasad (Balakrishna) is a successful businessman willing to setup a solar power project in UP. His mother Sarojini (Jayasudha) faces insult from a powerful local politician who is opposing the business proposal. Aditya Prasad then comes all the way on to the site to give a fitting reply to villain politician. Much to surprise, locals identify Aditya Prasad as their savior Dharma, powerful police officer who was pillar of strength few years ago in the same area. Who is Dharma? What’s his connection with Aditya Prasad? What’s the issue Dharma fought for?

Ruler Artists, Technicians Review:

Stuck in 80’s, KS Ravikumar came up with an outdated concept that has zero freshness in screenplay and taking. Even, Balakrishna starred in few films with similar concept. In that way, Ravikumar is really skillful in convincing Balayya with an outmoded script. Except for heavy duty action episodes, the film offers nothing even for hard core Balakrishna Fans. While the first half at least has few elements to cheer up Fans, the story goes haywire in second half with old school narration. Ram Prasad’s cinematography is not up to mark whereas Chirantan Bhatt has come up with ordinary tunes. Even background score will not give any boost up. Apparently editor Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao is clueless about what he was given to edit. There is no smooth transition which give jerks many a times. Production values of CK Entertainments are just okay.

Onto performances, Balakrishna looked stylish in the role of businessman in first half, wherein he looked weird in other getup as police officer Dharma. The action episodes he performed were ridiculous. Even, the dances are not enthralling. Sonal Chauhan oozed glamour wearing bikini but she was ordinary in performance. Vedhika is no different from Sonal. Bhumika Chawla was wasted and Jayasdha was regular. Prakash Raj makes no impact, so is Sayaji Shinde. Sapthagiri and other comedians failed to give comic relief.

Ruler Review Advantages:

Hardly Any

Ruler Review Drawbacks:

Almost Everything

Ruler Review, Rating Analysis:

Balayya seems to have forgotten that gone are days of Basha, Samara Simha Reddy, Indra and so on. Audience and even Fans have become wise enough to judge a film by its promotional content and Ruler by no means went above the expectations. Beginning from frame one till last,. KS Ravi Kumar and NBK jointly tested our patience levels with senseless action and mindless drama. There isn't an iota of common sense in every scene dealt. One after the other, Ruler will punish the viewers with demoralized direction, zero novelty storyline and atrocious screenplay throwing viewers kicking in air.

First half is all about Balakrishna as IT Entrepreneur in a posh look well groomed by caring mother Jayasudha. Then there is a lover Sonal Chauhan for songs. Actual problem lies in Balayya's conflict with Uttar Pradesh lands for solar power project owned by villain politician who insults NBK's mom. Heavy dose action paves way for interval revealing the existence of one more Balayya, the Messiah of masses with the name of Dharma, Police Inspector. While some of the scenes might appeal NBK Fans, other will break thier heads.

Ruler second half digs into Dharma flashback. He is the son of Nagineedu, a farmer who stands by farmers for their well being but once again cheated by the same villain of first half. Then there is one more girl friend Vedhika here. Core point of Balayya being a savior for Agricultural Minister Prakash Raj and his daughter Bhumika chased by same villain is as old as Aravallis. Situations leading to disappearance of Dharma after a train fight are hopeless. Soon after flashback, Jayasudha linking two Balakrishnad as the same and one is heights of foolishness. Better dont ask about climax and bloodshed.

In total, Ruler is a true punishment for viewers who expect a minimum of Jai Simha from KSR and NBK combo. Ruler is thousand times inferior than Jai Simha. Nevertheless Fans may also stay away. So, CJ goes with 1.75 stars.


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