RRR Review

RRR Review
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Director: SS.Rajamouli
Producer: DVV.Danayya
Release Date: Fri 25th Mar 2022
Actors: NTR, Charan
RRR Movie Rating: 3.0 / 5
Punchline: RRR - A Mass Feast From R (Ramarao) - R (Ram Charan) - R

What's Behind

Movie Mozart Rajamouli's RRR has been the cynosure of all eyes as it happens to be his first after the sensation he created with Baahubali. Expectations are high as Baahubali elevated the standard of Indian cinema at the international level. Rajamouli turned RRR in a more extravagant manner, turned it into a multi starrer with Young Tiger NTR and Mega Power Star Ram Charan, and roped in Bollywood stars Alia Bhatt, Ajay Devgn for powerful roles along with Irish stars Olivia Morris, Alison Doody, and Ray Stevenson. Versatile Kollywood star Samuthirakhani and beautiful Shriya Sharan complete the RRR cast. The film after getting delayed by the covid pandemic was finally released in a massive manner on March 25, 2022. Let us see what Rajamouli's RRR world got in store for movie lovers.

Story Review

Akthar (NTR) goes in search of a tribal girl in Adilabad taken forcibly by the Britishers. He lands in Delhi but is unable to find safe passage into the British palace. He comes into contact with Ramraj (Ramraj), a police officer who is out to capture a rebel Bheem. To find out whether Akthar and Ramraj are successful in their mission and what is their connection with Jennifer (Olivia Morris), Seetha (Alia Bhatt), Vijay Ramraju (Ajay Devgn), Sarojini (Shriya Sharan), enjoy RRR on the silver screen.

Artists, Technicians Review

NTR thrilled all with his intense action sequences. He showed powerful emotions connecting chords with everyone. He elevated the scenes with his fiery screen presence.

Ram Charan looked royal and macho in the role of Ramraju. He performed his role with a lot of dedication, commitment, and intent. The scenes featuring NTR and Ram Charan turned out to be the highlights of the film. The way Rajamouli elevated their friendship, misunderstanding thrilled all movie lovers. NTR and Ram Charan's introductions, their combo scenes be it stunts or dance movements created wonders on the screen.

Alia Bhatt made her presence felt in a graceful manner. She looked beautiful in traditional attire and emoted well in important scenes showcasing her talent. Olivia Morris got a good role and she looked gorgeous and expressed well in all her scenes Ajay Devgn performed well in the action-packed role. Shriya is ok in the role of Ajay Devgn's wife. Rahul Ramakrishna played an important role. Samuthirakhani did his job as the subordinate of Ram Charan.

Rajamouli and his father Vijayendra Prasad came with a story loaded with full of emotions and high on action. Both of them worked relentlessly to do full justice to the stardom of both Ram Charan and NTR. They came with a script to elevate the heroism of Ram Charan and NTR with the action sequences. Rajamouli starts the story narration in a slow and simple manner with the scene related to the tribal girl and then set the tone for the power-packed introduction of both Ram Charan and NTR. The way Rajamouli powered the heroism of Ram Charan and NTR in the introduction is unimaginable.

Rajamouli chose a few sequences to elevate the heroics of Ram Charan and a few scenes to elevate the heroism of NTR in his quest to do the balancing act. More than the story, he gave importance to satisfying the fans of Ram Charan and NTR. Following the slow start, the introduction of NTR and Ram Charan then paves the way for a few romantic scenes between NTR and Olivia Morris helped by Ram Charan. Few twists and turns lead to the intense interval bang ending the high octane rather fast-paced first half. But second-half pace dips with little drags and the flash-back episode featuring Ajay Devgn and Shriya though important fail to increase the intensity. However, the emotional and action scenes featuring Ram Charan and NTR keep the viewers glued to the screens. Alia Bhatt steps in with her emotional performance and the powerful climax increases the madness. Overall Rajamouli came with a different story, screenplay, and direction.

Though he emerged successful, he failed to take the emotions to another level as he did in Baahubali. One gets a feeling that RRR missed the so-called 'X' factor to take the mania to another world. Keeravani's music is fine. The song Naatu Naatu is choreographed in a sensational manner and well shot. Dosti song is filmed in a beautiful manner highlighting the value of friendship. Other songs are situational and Ethara Jenda's song appears after the climax is filmed in a beautiful manner elevating the patriotic feel. The cinematography of Senthil Kumar is top class. He beatified the film showing the pre-Independence British era in a realistic manner and captured the stunt sequences in an attractive way. Sreekar Prasad's editing could have been better as there are few drags in the film. Dialogues are powerful, emotional, and heart-touching. Production values are grand.


NTR, Ram Charan's performances



Stunt Sequences



Few drags

Missing conflict

Limited romantic angle

Few forced emotions and routine elements

Rating Analysis

Rajamouli with his RRR set a new trend of multi starrer in Tollywood. He showed that one can make films having top stars without any romantic tracks between the heroines. As revealed RRR came with a simple story but turned it into an action-packed multi starrer having intense scenes for both the stars. Rajamouli's screenplay and direction are fine and intact but it missed the Midas touch of Baahubali. Considering all these elements, CJ goes with a 3.0 rating for RRR.

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