Routine Love Story Review

Routine Love Story Review
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Behind the Movie Routine Love Story: Director Praveen Sattaru is an interesting guy who proved himself different from others with LBW. Same applies to talented youngsters Sandeep Kishan and Regina. Combination of these three along with Mickey J Meyer has made'RLS' an awaited film. Let us see, how far is this routine?

In the Movie Routine Love Story: Into the teenage, Sanju (Sandeep Kishan) is a college going guy who joins first year of Engineering. His style of thinking and mindset matches with present youth. Having some fixed ideas on dealing with love and life, he falls in love at first sight with classmate Tanvi (Regina). When both become good friends, everything works positive in between them having fun and masti around. At a right time, Sanju who could not resist his temptation proposes his love before Tanvi. Before taking this relationship forward, they wanted to know each other more in depth. Here starts the exact problem of silly egos and differences in opinions. How did Sanju and Tanvi react to different situations before going for a long time bonding forms the rest.

Values & Out of the Movie Routine Love Story: Unlike the title, director Praveen Sattaru hasn't scripted this concept in Routine format. There is little of story and more of magic in screenplay and treatment. He seems to have done enough research on the attitude of youth towards love and romance. He simply picks up regular bits from the day to day happenings in the life of youth and added enough of his sense of humor to give a funny treat for movie lovers. Suresh Bhargav's camera work caught the beautiful locales of Ladakh and they are eye catchy. Same do applies for Dharmendra's smart editing which keeps the movie float on with no boring episodes. Best among all is Mickey J Meyer's soothing music, both background and main score wise. Dialogues are simple, straight, humorous  flowing in tandem with each of the characterizations. Nothing so specific to mention about the production values of a Working Dream Production house.

Performance wise Sandeep puts up a casual show resembling the next door college going guy. He perfected in displaying some peculiar histrionics which will help him to go a long way in career. Regina is a beauty which keeps you engaged with time. The more you see her, the more you wants to see her. A bit of sex appeal in Regina shown by Director will also be a kicking experience for youth audience. However, the other characters of MS Narayana, Vennela Kishore, Thaagubothu Ramesh, Master Bharath, Hema, Jhansi, Krishnudu, Rallapalli and others did their portions quite well. 

The major drawback RLS had is, to which genre this one actually falls in? Is this an experimental flick or a commercial attempt? If dealt purely from the two protagonosts point of view, definitely this a novel thought from Praveen. When few unnecessary elements are weaved in to rotten the theme, Praveen disappointed for getting into commercial outlook. Although chemistry between Sandeep and Regina is the very lifeline to offer a fresh flavor, the extent of quality and conviction required in displaying some emotions misfired in many critical situations. Of course when the intention is just to keep the patrons in smiles without enough of logics, you can still excuse Praveen. A comaprison between 'LBW' and 'RLS' keeps the latter on a much higher level of satisfaction. 

Commercial success of 'RLS' depends upon how teenage and to be more appropriate, the college going youth embrace it. If you want to chill for this weekend with a stress releasing entertainer, pick your ticket and pick your pop corn. This is a sure time-pass. 

If 'Damarukam' oozed plenty of action filled hot air, 'RLS' was as soothing as fresh cool breeze.  

Cinejosh Verdict of the Movie RLS: An Un-Routine Treatment for Routine Love Story.

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