Rough Review

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Rough Review
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Behind the Movie Rough: Lover Boy Aadi’s new changeover as action hero with six pack abs serving as the main attraction, there is also beautiful Rakul Preet Singh. Let us see, how tough was this ‘Rough’?

In the Movie Rough: Story takes off with an action scene, song establishing the character of hero Chandu (Aadi) as a young guy waiting to find his own type of girl. Here comes Nandini aka Nandu (Rakul Preet Singh) and love blossoms for Chandu. In a different angle, Chandu approaches Nandu’s only brother businessman Siddharth (Late Sreehari) with a peculiar challenge to make his sister fall in love. Meanwhile, Siddharth has his own plans to disturb the romantic track using comedian goonda (Raghu Babu). On the other side, Chandu’s family members move from Vizag to Hyderabad. Here comes a twist when Siddharth is informed about the real identity of Chandu as a Criminal who faced 12 years imprisonment in a murder case. Finally, challenge comes in the form of villain Suraj (Ajay) decides to forcibly marry Nandu. What is the flashback of Chandu? Did Siddharth agree for Chandu-Nandu marriage? What happened to Suraj?

Values & Out of the Movie Rough: Trying romantic concepts plenty of times, Aadi experimented with a complete action, mass masala film. Story has nothing great to mention but it is scripted in a commercial format providing space for fights, songs, comedy, romance, sentiment, emotion etc. However, everything only meant for a letdown with callow direction of Subba Reddy. Predictability in screenplay amalgamated with undercooked characterizations escalated the pains of viewers. Scenes run with weak linkages and new characters pop up on screen for no good justification. Cinematography of Senthil and Arun Kumar are the saving grace. Marthand K Venkatesh editing is lousy. Music by Mani Sharma is better on songs and re-recording, one of the worst scores in his career. Dialogues of Marudhuri Raja are also in bad sense. Production values of Abhilash and Sreedevi Entertainments are praise worthy. 

On performance front, Aadi has chiseled the body to garner a mass hero image. He looked macho on screen with special reference to a beach fight and climax fight. Apparently when there is no strength in lead scenes meandering hero towards these deadly stunts, any amount of ‘Rough’ action drifts away from our senses. On screen wise, Rakul is the only factor to keep you glued to seats. She is just dazzling with delightful skin show offered. Rakul is a treat for eyes. Sreehari did not get anything great while Ajay, Supreet, Tanikella lack spine in their roles. Shiva Reddy, Raghu Babu, Kasi Vishwanath, Suhasini, Jayaprakash Reddy, Jabardasth Chandra are supportive.

The major drawback of ‘Rough’ is the approach of Subba Reddy. He is truly deficient in quality and clarity. Instead of following a confusing narrative, he could have focused on elevating the core depth of emotions. In one line, he mishandled the entire plot. Except one beach fight and enchanting look do Rakul, there is nothing solid to mention. Interval bang is also forcibly added with hushing entry of CI character and later on, there is no redemption of flashback with the main story line. Such blunders are easy to find in plenty. All in all, Aadi’s backbreaking physical strain did not get a right platform to elevate. For any class of audience, you find nothing to rejoice here. Commercially, it’s a tough journey for ‘Rough.’

Cinejosh Verdict of Rough: Watch It For Aadi's Show. 

                                               Cinejosh Rating: 2.5/5

                                                                                      Reviewed by Srivaas

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