Romance Review

Romance Review
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Behind the Movie Romance: Film maker Maruthi is a brand for youthful entertainment has come with this new flick starring Prince, Dimple Chopade and Manasa in leads. Directed by Darling Swamy, let us see how hot is this ‘Romance’?

In the Movie Romance: Film begins with aspiring director Krishna (Prince) narrating a real life love story to a Rowdy turned Producer (Venu Gopal). In to the Engineering college days of Krishna, he is dreaming to marry a virgin girl by following a policy of selecting two and then picking best one for marriage. With help of friends like Bluetooth Bobby (Sai) and others, Krishna traps Lalitha (Manasa) in love with routine techniques. However, when the moment comes to test her virginity their plan misfires but Krishna is justified that Lalitha is not a fresh girl and breaks up.

Second girl into Krishna’s love life is college mate Anuradha (Dimple Chopade). Both of them meet accidentally and consider each of them as lucky for other. Again it is the same sketch to inspect her purity and Krishna is satisfied this time because Anuradha reacts violently to escape from the spot. Upset with this behavior, Anuradha wanted to evaluate the same virginity test on Krishna and lays booby-trap of arresting him in the Ladies Hostel for one week. Did Krishna pass all those tempting assessments from girls in the hostel? How Lalitha reacts on this is rest.

Values & Out of the Movie Romance: As some critics say, Maruthi has set in a worst trend of cooking adult movies in the name of youth entertainers; this is one more such attempt in the same genre. Difference is that ‘Ee Rojullo’ and ‘Bus Stop’ has ample doses of fun which completely missed here. Nowhere audience can sense the brand of Maruthi. Simply speaking, this is a scrap product with ruthless torture for viewers worse than the worst like ‘3G Love.’ Alone Dimple Chopade was bearable with cute looks while Prince, Sai, Manasa were unpropitious. Story, screenplay, dialogues and direction of Darling Swamy are a fresh pack of garbage. Even the music of Sai Kartheek, camera work of Prabhakar Reddy and Uddhav’s editing are poorest in standards and unacceptable quality. Same do applies for production values of Good Cinema Group proving as Very Bad. 

The first thought in audience watching this movie will be; has Maruthi really supervised the direction? If they say yes, then his chapter will be near to a closure. One great aspect is we might have seen bad acting or crappy direction or other worst works from remaining departments. All packed into one bag will be enough to define ‘Romance.’ The very concept of perceiving the first romantic experiences in First Touch, First Kiss or First Hug are adulterated to roll out an insensible flick with no emotions and infinite loop holes. 

Maruthi should re-check his strategy for making a smooth sail of his journey as producer and director giving good lift to talented group around him. If at all, ‘Romance’ is made with only intention of liquidating the craze of Maruthi’s past hat trick hits, he might be successful for a while till ‘Atharintiki Daaredi’ comes in. At the same time, ‘Romance’ will hold the prestigious shield of atrocious film made in recent times  of Tollywood.         

Cinejosh Verdict of the Movie Romance: Utterly Disgusting

Cinejosh Rating: 1

                                                                                               Reviewed by Srivaas

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