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Rogue Review
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Rogue Movie Review, What’s Behind: Rogue became an important film for Telugu audience just for the sake of an out of form Puri Jagannath. Teaser and trailer were cut exceptionally with visual brilliance and heroines’ glamour thus raking few hopes. Introducing Ishan as hero and Mannara, Angela in main female leads, let’s get further into Rogue Review.

Rogue Story Review: Chanti (Ishan) is a good for nothing youngster deeply in love with Anjali (Angela), sister of city commissioner. After an incident when Anjali marries Encounter Specialist (Subbaraju), Chanti develops hatred against women. When one of the police (Sathya Dev) loses his two legs during a brawl with Chanti, it makes Chanti feel guilt and decides to support the cop’s family financially and morally. Here comes this cop’s sister and one more Anjali (Mannara) into Chanti’s life. In parallel, a psycho (Anup Singh Thakoor) is in love with Anjali and harasses her. What happened later? How Chanti succeeds to win his second love by wiping off psycho is rest.

Rogue Artists, Technicians Review: If any one of us still assume that there’s a spark in Puri Jagannath which can come alive anytime, this could be the chance and he will kill all such presumptions. He is crystal clear on one point, without a story or screenplay… he can wrap up a project, what he needs is only a lavish producer and a bunch of artists. From frame one; Puri is totally out of touch. Now and then, certain one-liners lit a light in ashes. Basically, Puri seems to have got unclear story and indeterminate screenplay on paper to direct Rogue. Such ambiguity wasn’t felt in biggest of his past disasters and Puri is touching altogether a new peak. Mukesh’s camera work is the top most asset capturing Bengal locations and those waterfalls beautifully. Junaid’s editing is full of disorders. Sunil Kashyap scored loud music and none of the songs are worth a pat including average BGM. Production standards from Dr CR Manohar are top class.

About artists, Ishan never appeared like a debutant. He was ultimately confident and was at ease before camera. His dynamic body language, towering height and milk white complexion can help gain a mileage among youth girls. Nevertheless, Ishan had every quality Puri’s heroes generally have. Particularly, his daredevil action skills are recognized. Mannara Chopra is very hot with a stout physique. Her seductive thunder thigh show is pinching. Angela is very brief. Subbaraju and Sathya Dev are just ok. Anup Sngh Thakoor looked good as a psycho. Ali’s comedy (extension to Pokiri beggar track) failed to tickle the funny bone. Rest like Thulasi and others may not need a big mention. 

Rogue Review Positives:

Production Standards

Mannara Glamour


Rogue Review Negatives:






Remaining Everything

Rogue Review Rating Analysis: For those who already expected one more futile attempt from Puri in the form of Rogue, you were right and those optimist cinema lovers cannot put down your trust on this maverick director, search for your own reasons to excuse. Wonder, is this man the same Puri who dictated commercial heroic terms to Telugu cinema? How did he go so much undisciplined?

Within the starting titles roll, Puri establishes a myth that all girls are cheaters painting his hero with a negative shade. Though Ishaan is dynamic and energy oozing, when his characterization behaves anarchic, it was hard to connect with. While Angela is pushed out before the beginning of actual story, Sathyadev’s role gaining prominence exhibited Puri’s poorest scripting standard. Then, Mannara steals the show more with body. Anup Singh Thakoor’s psychic acts are too silly thus bringing curtains down for interval. Except a couple of action episodes, first half is mindless.

Into second half, Puri unleashes his irrepressible direction standards making the conflict direct between Ishaan and Anup. Hereon, each and every scene is an annual exam for viewers to bear the hollowness in Puri. Action, songs, romance… rest is insane and unbalanced. Climax is though voluminous in action, was of no big use. 

Rogue is yet again an unimaginable movie from Puri. It hurts audience on all the senses. Though the film is bad, Ishan fell into audience eyes for his sincere efforts and production values helped. CJ goes for 2.25 stars for Rogue Review Rating. Commercially, there may be no hope.    

Rogue Review Tagline: Puri Goes Unusually Psychotic 

                                                                 Rogue Review Rating: 2.25/5.0

                                                                                                   Reviewed by Srivaas


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