Robot Movie Review

Robot Movie Review
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Director: S. Shankar
Producer: Kalanithi Maran
Release Date: Fri 01st Oct 2010
Actors: Rajinikanth
Robot Movie Movie Rating: 3 / 5
Punchline: Robot Movie - Hats Off to the combo of Rajini & Shankar.

Behind the Movie Robot: Director Shankar has made this project most prestigious and awaited for Indian audience. The pairing of Rajinikanth and Aishwarya Rai; music from AR Rahman; whopping budget from Sun Movies; high technical values using Animatronics; the innovative concept on modern technology…what more does a movie need to grab the centre stage of Indian or for that matter World cinema. Let use see, what message was Shankar willing to offer the society this time?

In the Movie Robot: Dr. Vaseekaran (Rajinikanth) is a Professor/Scientist working on Artificial Intelligence applications and his life time project is building up of an useful Robot that is to be dedicated to Indian Army. After the hard work of 10 years, Vasee succeeds in developing AndroHumanoid Robot which is named Chitti, by Vasee’s mother. 

Chitti resembles Vasee in physical characteristics but this doesn’t understand the human emotions or human behavior. In simple, Chitti is just a machine whose identity is just a Speed of 1 Terra Hz and a Memory of 1 Zetta Byte but not a man. Vasee has girl friend named Sana (Aishwarya Rai), a Medico who gets very close with Chitti.

Vasee goes for patenting his Robot and attends before the Panel which has Vasee’s opponent Bora (Danny Denzongpa) who declares that Chitti is unfit to get patented for lacking of Human emotions. 

Soon, Vasee sticks to his job of making Chitti understand the Human nature and succeed with his neural programming mixed with reverse mapping technique of implanting the DNA into an artificial Robot. Yes, Chitti’s Artificial Intelligence accepts the DNA mechanism and start behaving like a Human being. First mistake it does is, ‘Understanding Love.’ 

Yes, Chitti starts loving Sana, fiancée of its own creator making Vasee to destroy Chitti and throw away as scrap. The love stricken Chitti comes up from ashes and join hands with Bora who is waiting for a chance to collect the neural program embedded in Chitti and start using it for destructive purposes.

Now Chitti turns as a destructive Robot to win Sana and reason is a brand new Red Chip, courtesy by Bora whose intention is to make Chitti use for anti social activities. Chitti turns so dangerous that, it kills even Bora and start building its own kingdom by creating 100’s of its own replicas to win the love of Sana, who is now already kidnapped by Chitti. 

How did Vasee remove the Red Chip from Chitti? Did Indian Government, Indian Army and Indian Judicial system accept this Machine to become a part of our society? form rest of the interesting climax.

Values of the Movie Robot: Till yesterday, many might be thinking that Indian cinema can never rise to the levels of Hollywood. With Shankar, anything and everything is possible. The way he brought up the concept of Robot is just mind blowing. An alien story for Indian cinema but well handled with enough care in every dimension. His directorial abilities need a big round of applause. Dialogues by Sri Rama Krishna too served the situation and made movie look like a straight Telugu film. Music by AR Rahman is great in background and songs wise ‘Kilimanjaro’ top the charts. Cinematography by Rathnavelu is top notch and best work is shown in catching the beauty of Machu Picchu. Editing by Antony is amazing. Production values by Kalanithi Maran are of highest in standard. 

More than all, the work of Stanwinston Studios and the Hong Kong team in Animatronics department is spellbound. 

Performance wise Rajinikanth steals the show as usual. If an innocent and work oriented Vasee is what you feel pity about; you get amazed of villain Chitti showing heroics on the screen. Rajini gives one of the best gifts to his Fans and that’s for sure. 

Next to speak about is most gorgeous Aishwarya Rai who makes your day with this movie, holding the key role as Sana. In ‘Oh Baby’ and ‘Kilimanjaro’ songs, one will not blink the eyes staring at her beauty. 

Remaining Danny played the role to perfection and Rajini’s assistants Karunas, Santhanam did their part well teasing the Robot.

Out of the Movie Robot: The war between Man and Machine may not be a new concept for wise audience. When it comes to a Machine filled with Human senses yet can be controllable by a small Chip taking war on its own creator is something like a Desi version of Hollywood movies. Still, we are Desis and we will love Chitti. 

Many might say, this ‘Robot’ is a pure technical movie but Shankar doesn’t miss his mark of adding ‘Humanity’ based Heart touching scenes which makes audience own the entire movie. Shankar brings this strong mark in first half while coming to second half it is more of technical game but adds justification with Chitti’s final words that, ‘Human Beings are already equipped with variety of Red Chips.’ That’s the key message which makes his entire movie meaningful.

Following Scenes received reverberating applause in the theatre:

1. Chitti believes in God because Vasee is its ‘Creator’ and God is the one who creates us.

2. Before Interval, the Delivery Scene.

3. Love Scenes between Chitti and Sana; Vasee and Sana.

4. Chitti catching Vasee in its den.

5. Climax Scenes.

6. Dialogues like ‘Welcome into World’ and ‘Happy Diwali’ during key scenes and many more.

If first half is more based on making of Robot; romance between Aishwarya and Rajini; Chitti showing its wits and intellegince…second half has the weak link of connection where in Chitti is made the Villain based on Love thread followed by Animatronics brilliance in climax. If Shankar could have concentrated little more on story of Second half, graph of 'Robot' could have been consistent and 'Robot' could have been an excellent product.  

Rajini’s superb performance, Aishwarya Rai’s eternal beauty, Shankar’s vision, Extra Ordinary first half, Animatronics, Rahman’s muisc are Robust Positives for Robot; dragged second half with weak love thread, lack of Rajini kind of mannerisms will serve little minus for Robot.

Overall Shankar never missed his mark and thanks that we Indians have such daring movie makers. 100% sure that Shankar has lifted the standards of Indian cinema with ‘Robot’ and this will remain as a benchmark for his coming ventures.

Robot may have a dream run in ‘A’ class centers while tasteful audience in ‘B’ & ‘C’ may also lift the movie collections wise.

Cinejosh Verdict of the Movie Robot: Hats Off to the combo of Rajini & Shankar. Go and Get yourself charged before Battery gets down.

                                                                                                                         Reviewed by Srivaas  

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