Right Right Movie Review

Right Right Movie Review
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Right Right Movie Review, What’s Behind: Young and cute looking Sumanth Ashwin’s long stay in industry without a solid hit is extended by one more film ‘Right Right.’ Remade from Malayalam film ‘Ordinary,’ our Telugu version has Pooja Jhaveri, Pavani Gangireddy, Vinod and Kalakeya Prabhakar in key roles. Let us see, how far this movie succeeded in retaining the original flavor?

Right Right Story: Movie kicks-off introducing Ravi (Sumanth Ashwin) joining conductor duty on a bus shuttling between Gaviti and S. Kota which has Seshu (Kalakeya Prabhakar) as driver. In no time, Ravi and Seshu become good friends. Ravi also falls in love with one of the commuter Kalyani (Pooja Jhaveri). Exactly at a time when everything appears to be going well, an unfortunate bus accident changes their lives. Who is behind this accident? What’s their ultimate goal? How are Bhadra (Vinod), Amruta (Pavani Gangireddy) sheltered in Vishwanatham (Nasser) house connected with this accident?

Right Right Artists and Technicians: Before lifting a plot or overall narration for a remake project, a director should fundamentally grasp the essence in original. Director Manu hasn’t followed any basic principles to be remembered for a remake. Nowhere, he showed command either in selection of artists or extracting minimal best from them. Screenplay is pretty ordinary, failed miserably in exciting our interest. There are plenty of characters in film and none of them have any relevance with story or script. Narration pattern undertaken by Manu is as old as Aravalli hills and story moves at leisurely pace. Conceiving of scenes is quite clichéd which is unacceptable, if this film belongs to a thriller genre. Direction wise, Manu never excelled from a mark set by and for him-self. Sekhar V Joseph’s cinematography was good to an extent in catching the natural beauty in and around Vizag and Paderu ensuring viewers to sooth up. Apparently, these visuals helped the film to retain a bit of its nucleus. Songs composed by JB can be easily forgettable and RR is atrocious. SB Udhav’s editing isn’t good at all. Finally, production standards from J Vamsi Krishna and Sri Sathya Entertainments are passable.

About performances, Sumanth Ashwin succeeded in generating sympathy around his characterization in second half while the love track appeared meek. He tried to remain sincere towards his job but a weak script hurdled. Prabhakar isn’t as good as we expected. He should stick to comfortable villain roles and not to experiment like this. Basically, well written driver-conductor chemistry should have worked big time in first half. Unfortunately, these episodes looked malnourished. Pooja Jhaveri has no purpose in the film. Love track was also infirm. Vinod tried to throw some surprises towards end which fizzled off. Raja Ravindra, Pavani Gangireddy, Sudha, Nasser, Bharath, Thagubothu Ramesh, Shakalaka Shankar, Dhanraj, Jaya Vani and others made their presence felt.

Right Right Rating Analysis: There are two salient aspects which make ‘Right Right’ a right film gone wrong. First it’s the feasible budget limiting narration to be restricted in very few locations. Second is thrilling element in second half. While ‘Right Right’ might have gone right with first feature, the thrilling element needed to float in second half deeply missed. Total first half is overstretched with unproductive scenes establishing the key characters. Fun episodes injected into story telling also haven’t exploded much. One serious incident changing the lighter vein treatment into a serious format has culminated into an interval block. Then film gets quite serious in second half with Sumanth and Prabhakar cracking the murder mystery. These areas have build in some tension imparting the momentum. When an extra ordinary twist in the tale is expected, film falls short of it. Vinod gave his best shot in closing portions.

‘Right Right’ is a disloyal remake of ‘Ordinary.’ Factors which worked in favor of original like Biju Menon’s outstanding performance or execution of interval shots or building the suspense in second half disfavored the Telugu version. Most importantly, the whole backdrop setup for story to unveil looked fragile. Commercially, the film might workout owing to summer vacation and pinchpenny budget invested. Overall, ‘Right Right’ is worth winning 2.25 stars.

Right Right Cinejosh Verdict: Gone Wrong.

                                                       Right Right Cinejosh Rating: 2.25/5.0

                                                                                               Reviewed by Srivaas

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