Richie Gadi Pelli Review

Richie Gadi Pelli Review
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Director: K S Hemraj
Producer: K S Films
Release Date: Fri 03rd Mar 2023
Actors: Satya SK, Praneetha Patnaik, Naveen Neni and others
Richie Gadi Pelli Movie Rating: 1 / 5
Punchline: Richie Gadi Pelli - Bad Wedding Plan

Richie Gadi Pelli Movie : What's Behind

Kollywood Producer and Director Hemraj has made his entry into Tollywood with 'Richie Gadi Pelli'. When the trailer got released, it was pointed that the film was a remake of Mohan Lal's Malayalam film 12th Man. But, the director only took the core point from the film. The film stars Naveen Neni, Sathya SK, Praneetha Patnaik, Chandana Raj, Praveen Reddy and Bunny Vox as lead cast. The film is releasing on 3rd March worldwide. A special premier was held before it's release. Here's the review.

Richie Gadi Pelli : Story Review

Richie (Sathya SK) who was a love failure gets ready to marry Siri (Chandana Raj) He invites all of his friends for his wedding at Ooty. He arranged a bachelor party at the same resort where wedding will take place. Richie and his friends gets involved in a fun game at the party. It involves whoever gets a call and message it should be out on a loud speaker and read out load to all who are present at the party. This game which started as fun gets serious and even leads to enemity among them. They get to know about others secrets though they are friends. Their Mistakes, wrong doings and dark side of nature is also comes into light. What differences rises due to this fun phone call game and how did they solved them in a matured manner is the remaining story.

Richie Gadi Pelli : Artists Review

Most of the principal cast has debuted with this film. Sathya and Chandana Raj who did the lead roles did okay on their part. Bunny Vox as Richie's ex-girlfriend, Naveen Neni as serial actor and Choreographer Satish as Lakshmipathy impresses with their performances. Praneetha Patnaik in the role of a pseudo feminist has performed very well. Kishore Marisetty, Praveen Reddy, Kiara Naidu and others are adequate in their roles. 

Richie Gadi Pelli : Technicians Review

Director Hemraj has come up with an interesting point written by Nagaraju and Raj ndra Vytla. It deals with what happens when something is hidden from others in a relationship and how it affects when it is revealed. He added interesting angle to it by adding a phone game. The film runs entirely around a bachelor party. Though the film begins on a fun note, lengthy scenes and time taken to introduce and establish all characters spoils the party. It looks amateurish at parts as most of the cast are first timers. 

But, the second half picks up pace compared to the first half as it quickly moves solving all the problems rised during lengthy first half. Most of the film runs on a single night at a single resort location. Director did an okay job but there is still a lot of scope to make it more interesting.

Vijay Ulaganath's cinematography stands as major highlight which gives quality visuals. He captured the night effects in a glossy manner with his lighting. Sathya 's music has somewhat elevated the scenes. But, it could have been better. 

Richie Gadi Pelli : Advantages

  • Fresh Casting
  • Vijay Ulaganath Cinematography

Richie Gadi Pelli : Disadvantages

  • Poor Scenes
  • Weak Screenplay
  • Immature direction

Richie Gadi Pelli Movie : Analysis

Films like these need strong writing which has interesting conversations. This film suffers a lot in that department. That's why we get redundant feeling of repeated scenes. Sentiment angle is also not well established and didn't show any impact. It clearly lacks interesting screenplay and strong scenes. Considering all these points, CineJosh goes with a 1 Rating for Richie Gadi Pelli

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