Renigunta Review

Renigunta Review
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Behind the Movie Renigunta: Film maker or call him a dubbing specialist Kondeti Sureh has again come up with a typical flick of his flavor titled as ‘Renigunta.’ The original Tamil version with same title was released long ago in 2009 in Tamil. Today the same is released in Telugu. Suresh being on the success ‘Journey,’ with too many unknown faces and unnoticed promotion let us see what is ‘Renigunta’ all about?

In the Movie Renigunta: Screen opens with Police chasing down a gang of five prisoners escaped from jail. Among them one is Siva (Johnny) for whom a pity faced girl (Sanusha) waiting in Railway Station for elopement. Here starts the narration of flashback for Siva with voice over given by VV Vinayak.

Siva is a teenager belonging to a middle class family. His dad works in PWD office with a dream to see his son as an Engineer acquiring a high position job in same office while Siva is just interested to play football. Fate has something different to offer for Siva as his parents are brutally killed by a local goon. Apparently when Siva burns to take revenge on this goon, he is arrested and sent to jail. Tortures in prison life makes Siva get close with four other criminal friends (Nishant, Theepetti Ganesan, Tamizh and Sandeep). Breaking the jail walls, they enter into a society to live life on their own terms. 

Starting with the killing of above mentioned local goon as revenge, slowly Siva too gets absorbed into the life style of four others and they become hardcore contract killers who had a plan set up towards settling as assassins in Mumbai. Some how, their fortunes are applied brakes in Renigunta when they meet a mediator and an influential don who givem a Supari. Meanwhile, Siva gets into an innocent love affair with a deaf and dumb girl (Sanusha). Where did Siva and his cold blooded assassins’ batch end up…did crime pay them anything forms the rest.

Values & Out of the Movie Renigunta: Core message of the film revolves around two soul stirring aspects. One is how our society grooms criminals out of innocent youth who are getting influenced by his or her surroundings. Second is crime never pays anything other than blood, gore and violence. Director Paneerselvam and producer Suresh Kondeti doesn’t have a cent of commercial outlook for their film. Screenplay and Direction are focused only to highlight the dark side of the characters lives. The way director carried on the muted love story needs to be given a special applause. Cinematography by Sakthi elevated the mood of nativity. Editing by Anthony could have been still better in second half which looked a bit dragged. Dialogues haven’t got any sort of lip sync and are definitely of inferior quality. Music by Ganesh Raghavendra is apt for the narrative. Taking the budget constraints, production values of SK Pictures are just okay. Dismally even the voice over given by VV Vinayak lacked in offering a desired depth.                        

Performance wise, not even a single face finds resemblance with our regular artists. Johnny is expressionless but his transformation from one phase to other of story is good. Sanusha has strong face features and she lighted up the screen. Among the others, the young handicapped member of the group whose voice is dubbed by Suman Setty ran away with recognition of achievement. Unlucky that Suman Setty’s voice did not suit him that perfectly. Remaining others too have done their parts.

Once again this is a film made/released with no commercial intentions. Focus was honest to demonstrate the uniqueness of concept and thus is the undiluted treatment offered. There is an overdose of crime, violence, blood and gore with a heart wrenching climax. Nothing in this pack will engage a regular moviegoer who strives only for entertainment. If you love crudeness and rusty treatment with a societal message, just try this ‘Renigunta’ else stay away. Commercial success is no way to come near for this kind of a flick.

Cinejosh Verdict of the Movie Renigunta: Meaningful Film unsuitable for Telugu Taste.

                                                                                              Reviewed by Srivaas

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