Red Review

Red Review
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Director: Thirumala Kishore
Producer: Sravathi Ravi Kishore
Release Date: Thu 14th Jan 2021
Actors: Ram
Red Rating: 2.25 / 5
Red Punchline: Dull n Dim

Red Review, What's Behind:

Energetic star Ram Pothineni is on high with iSmart Shankar has this time come with trusted director Thirumala Kishore for remake of acclaimed Tamil flick Thadam. Let us see, how far the original essence is recreated.

Red Story Review:

Civil Engineering entrepreneur Siddharth (Ram) falls in love with Mahima (Malavika Sharma). As they decide to get married, Siddharth's look alike Adithya (Ram), a tapori criminal enters his life and chaos is created with killing of Akash as both Siddharth and Adithya are taken into police (Nivetha Pethuraj, Sampath Raj) custody as prime suspects. Who actually killed Akash? What is his flashback? How are Siddharth and Adithya related? What happened to Mahima? All these form the crux.

Red Artists, Technicians Review:

Thadam was a surprise flick from Arun Vijay and it clicked to an extent majorly because of freshness in casting and thrill element. Thirumala Kishore known for his own settled and slow narrative techniques couldn't match the genre. Though the original essence was captured, sluggish story telling and dull mood tested the patience. The way bunch of cops leave basic evidence aside and run behind useless flashback of Ram is silliest of all. Such screenplay degraded the proceedings and final twist appeared frail. While Thirumala failed as a screen writer and director, he was into basics as dialogue writer.

Well supported by impressive background score from Mani Sharma and remarkable lighting schema from Sameer Reddy, its the editing department should be blamed for creating confusion in second half between two main characters. Then comes production standards from Ravi Kishore very much in tact.

Onto, Ram's portrayal of two contrasting characters with a common emotional sentiment, he did a decent job. While Siddharth's role is dignified and settled, Adithya is an extension of iSmart Shankar.  Malavika Sharma looked pretty. Nivetha Pethuraj is a damp squib. Amrita Iyer is brief. Sampath Raj, Posani are just ok. Sathya fun worked partly. Hebbah was hot in Dinchak song. Sonia Agarwal balanced the sentimental flashback. 

Red Review Advantages:


First Half

Background Score

Red Review Drawbacks:

Dull Narrative

Second Half

Silly Logics Missed

Twists n Turns

Nivetha Pethuraj

Red Review Rating Analysis:

There's nothing much to brief here because Thirumala picked up a genre where he is not a master at. Although had a proven script on hand, Sravanthi team couldn't overcome the loopholes in original and the lag is rehashed as it is. At the same time, Thirumala's touch is sensibly felt in few areas like conversation with Amrita Iyer in climax and her love track with Ram. This is his forte and should try the same again.

First half is divided equally in establishing both Siddharth and Adithya characters. Siddharth, Mahima romance is cool. On the other hand, Ram aka Adithya and Sathya episodes are just ok. Just when nothing vibratory seems to be happening, death of Akash and a photographic evidence caught by dumbo police team builds a thrill element. Then Adithya and Siddharth into the custody throws for interval block.

Second half is made weakest from weak with poor investigation process. Vennela Kishorr as forensic specialist did not click.  All of sudden, rogue charactered Adithya reshapes as an emotional son to tell his relation with Siddharth and their family connection with mom and dad. This part should have been more heart touching and short in length. But final twist comes only after the case is being quashed in court. To know that quick thrill, it will be spoiler if we disclose.

All in all, Red is a slow emotional thriller dealt very dull till climax with useless confusion. Except Ram's screen presence and Mani Sharma background score, there's nothing to thrill. CJ goes with 2.25 stars for decency maintained in few tracks like that of Amrita Iyer. Box Office wise, people may wait for OTT release.


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