Recce Web Series Review

Recce Web Series Review
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Director: Poluru Krishna
Producer: Sri Ram Kolishetti
Release Date: Fri 17th Jun 2022
Actors: Sriram
Recce Rating: 2.25 / 5
Recce Punchline: Needed more recce!

What's Behind

Zee5 is coming with an interesting web series and this time Recce starring Sriram, Siva Balaji, and Dhanya Balakrishna caught the attention of all. The series directed by Poluru Krishna is streaming on Zee 5 from June 17, 2022. Let's find out how Recce appealed to viewers.

Story Review

Tadipatri SI Lenin (Sriram) is hellbent on solving his first case and at the same time, Paradesi (Sammeta Gandhi) is keen on doing one final recce to eliminate an influential person. To find out who had the upper hand and how Lenin's wife Gouri (Dhanya Balakrishna), Tadipatri Municipal Chairman Varadarajulu(Aadukalam Naren), his son Chalapati (Siva balaji), ex-chairman Ranganayakulu (Ramaraju), Kullayappa (Thotapalli Madhu), the Higher police officer (Sameer), MLA Guruva Reddy (Jiva) are connected, watch Recce on Zee5.

Artists, Technicians Review

Sriram performed well and showed variations in his expressions and emotions while playing the role of a cop. Aadukalam Naren made an impact with his performance in the role pivotal to the story. Siva Balaji did well in the role tailor-made for him but could have come up with an even more impactful performance. Sammetha Gandhi did well.  Uma Daanam Kumar, Krishna Kanth, and Murali as the gang are apt. Ramaraju as Aadukalem Naren's opponent is good. Saranya, Rajashree Nair, Ester Noronha, Ramaraju, Dhanya Balakrishna, and Surya Theja got limited screen presence but performed well.

Director Poluru Krishna came up with an interesting story in the backdrop of the rustic rural background. He started off the narration in an intense and impactful manner. He maintained the same intensity for the first 3-4 episodes but later lost steam and became predictable with his screenplay and direction. Though he regained a bit during the climax of the final episode, the damage has been done. What could have been an interesting thriller, turned out to be another routine one. Dialogues turned out to be routine.

Sriram Maddury with his background music made an impact on the viewers. The cinematography of Ram K Mahesh showed the rustic village atmosphere in a realistic and appealing manner. Sriram Maddury and Ram K Mahesh added value to the web series. Editing of Kumar P Anil could have been better as a few episodes dragged with repetitive scenes slowing the pace of the narration. Production values are good.







Few missing logics

Missing twists

Rating Analysis

Recce directed by Poluru Krishna had all the elements of an interesting thriller. However, for all his efforts and impactful performances from Sriram and Aadukalem Naren, the bland designing of the various characters impacted the web series takeoff to another level. Considering all these elements, CJ goes with a 2.25 rating for Recce.


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