RDX Love Review

RDX Love Review
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Director: Shankar Bhanu
Producer: C Kalyan
Release Date: Fri 11th Oct 2019
Actors: Payal Rajput
RDX Love Rating: 1.0 / 5
RDX Love Punchline: Thuss Bomb

RDX Love Review, What’s Behind?

Payal Rajput shot to fame with debut film RX 100 in which she sizzled red-hot offering a hot glamour treat. She yet again played a bold role in RDX Love which also stars Tejus in male lead. Will RDX Love explode like RX 100?

RDX Love Story Review:

Villagers of Chandranna Peta led by Narsanna Dora (Naresh) separate goddess Seetha’s idol from Lord Rama, Lakshmana and Hanuma challenging the gods to build a bridge for them. Narsanna’s daughter Alivelu (Payal Rajput) and her friends take responsibility to resolve the problem. She also gets support of Sidhu (Tejus), son of a TV Channel head. Does she have any motive in becoming close to Sidhu? Will she finally become successful in mission? What is the other revenge angle?

RDX Love Artists, Technicians Review:

Director Shankar Bhanu picked an age old story of protagonist fighting for village. The predictable, uninteresting screenplay and TV serial treatment makes the watching experience very painful. Apparently, director’s plan was to incorporate two dissimilar elements to impress all section of audience. But, the film filled with double meaning dialogues offered nothing for any section. Coming to Shankar Bhanu’s direction, he showed inexperience althrough. Radhan disappoints with ordinary tunes and awful background score. Cinematographer Ram Prasad too failed to cover the loopholes in script as the blocks were customary. Had Prawin Pudi cut the film sincerely, the film’s final length would have been less than a hour. Production values of Happy Movies aka C Kalyan are just okay.

Onto performances, Payal Rajput oozed enough of oomph and super hot, especially in last song. But, she’s a total misfit for female centric script. Tejus looked okay in the role of Payal’s romantic interest. Naresh, Aditya Menon, Amani and Nagineedu were regular. Mumaith Khan irritates with her over action as lady police officer. No other artist registered.

RDX Love Review Advantages:

Tough To Find Any Except Payal

RDX Love Review Drawbacks:

Too Big List

RDX Love Review, Rating Analysis:

RDX Love's story and screenplay is a TV serial material. Even the direction of Shankar Bhanu suits best for TV. He fortunately got producer to make a TV serial concept into a full length cinema only to bother audience.

The very beginning, we are introduced to the troubles being faced by a village and the take off is very slow. In fact, the pace doesn’t pick till the end. The endorsement of social awareness programs like safe sex and banning of liquor seems ridiculous and filthy because of poor and bold writing. The romantic track is also outmoded. Mumaith Khan will only double the pain with over action. The interval episode was also poor.

The latter half begins on the same tedious note with Payal changing her strategy in accomplishing her mission. She now takes up banning of Gutkha as new assignment. The bold scenes featuring Payal however pleases one section of audience. After a flashback to introduce the real culprits, movie comes to an end with a regular climax.

Overall, RDX Love is a below par pretty ordinary film with no uniqueness in any part. Except for Payal Rajput’s glamour, the film does not have any other entertaining facet. CJ goes with 1 star rating.


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