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Rayudu Review
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Rayudu Review, What’s Behind: Action hero Vishal is a popular star in lower order centers of two Telugu states. His films range from minimum guarantee to decent at Telugu Box Office. One more time Vishal arrives in a mass, action look for ‘Rayudu,’ dubbed version to Tamil ‘Marudu’ directed by Muththaiah. With Sri Divya as heroine and Imman scored the music, Rayudu has hit the screens today. 

Rayudu Story: Rayudu (Vishal) is hamali in a small Rayalseema town. He makes a happy living with grandma Annamma (Leela) and friend Kokkorako (Soori). Rayudu is good at heart, respects women and cannot tolerate injustice. However, Rayudu acts only on the command of granny. Rayudu comes across a daring, dashing girl Bhagya Lakshmi (Sri Divya) and love blossoms. Bhagya and her father are in deep trouble with local rowdy gang Rolex (RK Suresh). Obviously, Rayudu comes to their rescue. But, there is also a tragic flashback connecting Rayudu with brutal murder of Bhagya’s mother. Things move from bad to worse between Rayudu and Rolex when Rayudu marries Bhagya followed by Rolex killing Annamma. How Rayudu retaliates keeping an end to Rolex and his team is rest.

Rayudu Artists and Technicians: In one line, ‘Rayudu’ is a film dominated with over Tamil nativity and treatment. Though commercial template is a regular one, every frame depicts the deep rooted Tamil culture, traditions and lifestyle of rural masses. This is primary area where film actually bounces from Telugu heads. Sub humid locations, sultry and tanned faces, hard to connect dialect; ‘Rayudu’ is all in all a tightly packed Tamil baggage. From the word go, narration begins introducing the backdrop as Rayalaseema but never this one was felt authentic. Director Muththaiah exploited these Tamil conditions loading script with grandmother-grandson sentiment, a romantic track, a comedy track, fierce violence and gravity defying stunts. How far it strikes chord with Telugu viewers is doubtful. Muththaiah adopted a plain, simple story telling approach with no twists, turns. Excessively lengthy and boring love track directed by granny Annamma and Soori tests our patience. However, director tied to recoup this first half lag with a second half connection yet it remained unbalanced. Last 20 minutes stood real asset for ‘Rayudu’ which also included some unnecessary violence. The episode of killing Annamma need not be necessarily so cruel. Climax is formulaic. Technically, ‘Rayudu’ is an average product because Velraj’s camera work is mediocre and so is Praveen KL’s editing. Songs composed by Imman can be easily forgettable. Anal Arasu’s action choreography is remarkable. Production values from Hari and VFF are just ok.

On to performances, this is a tailor made character for Vishal. One does now know why he made his dark complexion to go further darker in this role. Vishal emoted well in sentiment scenes while action part, he just tore it off. Leela, the artist who played grandma to Vishal is just perfect. Viewers will easily sympathize with her. In fact, she shouldered a maximum screen time keeping grandma-grandson sentiment as top most highlight. Sri Divya is crucial link in the plot and she excelled in two variant shades. Soori does some time pass comedy. Among the villains, RK Suresh is ruthless. His dreary acts are well canned. Radha Ravi and others may not need a big mention.

Rayudu Rating Analysis: Best part of ‘Rayudu’ is characterization of Annamma, grandmother Leela. She is the only character haunts us for a while after leaving auditorium. Without Annamma, this Rayudu is a pure flat stuff. The extra care taken in presenting Vishal-Leela episodes along with Soori keeps on pinching us. Wasting this big advantage, Muththaiah weaved the script with complete predictability. It was just a matter of time hero has to take on villain which happens only in climax. Till then, the story hangs on few unnecessary sub-plots which lacked the focus.

First half regularly introduces us to main characters one by one. Sri Divya’s entry slows down the happenings to an extent because it took lot of time to connect this love track with main plot. Meanwhile, local rowdies confronting with hero here and there show slighter peaks in narration graph. Interval block wasn’t effective. Into second half, Sri Divya’s mother flashback connects the loose ends. Then hero and heroine marriage followed by a family song take the proceedings forward. It’s high time as villain comes back. A small mind game emanating into a gripping pre climax and routine climax ends the tale. 

‘Rayudu’ action and sentiment portions might connect with B, C centre audience. Commercially, the film has chances of doing well in those areas due to ‘Brahmotsavam’ complete collapse. For other section of viewers, ‘Rayudu’ is just about an ordinary product and worth to win 2.25 stars.  

Rayudu Cinejosh Verdict: Extreme Tamil Nativity, Hard To Connect.

                                                 Rayudu Cinejosh Rating: 2.25/5.0                            

                                                                                 Reviewed by Srivaas

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