Rangabali Review

Rangabali Review
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Director: Pawan Basamsetti
Producer: Sudhakar Cherukuri
Release Date: Fri 07th Jul 2023
Actors: Naga Shaurya, Yukti Thareja, Brahmaji, Satya, Murali Sharma
Rangabali Movie Rating: 2 / 5
Punchline: Rangabali - Ranga'Bhale'

Rangabali(2023): What's Behind

Naga Shaurya who is reeling under the string of flops is coming to entertain movie lovers with his film uniquely titled Rangabali. The film directed by Pawan Basamsetti created interest with its trailer and teaser. The film's OTT rights have been bagged by Netflix and streaming will be done after the completion of its theatrical run. Let us find out what Naga Shourya offered to movie lovers with Rangabali.

Rangabali Movie: Story Review

Rangabali's story is all about a happy-go-lucky youngster who faces a unique problem when he falls in love with a beautiful girl and how he resolves it. Shourya aka Show (Naga Shaurya) lives a carefree life in Rajavaram, moving closely with the MLA  (Shine Tom Chacko). Unable to make his son responsible, his father Viswam (Goparaju Ramana) sends him to Visakhapatnam where he meets a beautiful medico Sahaja (Yukthi Thareja).

When everything seems to be going right, Sahaja's father (Murli Sharma) makes a startling revelation. To find out more about it and its connection to Ranga Reddy (Sarath Kumar) and the dark secrets, watch the film on the big screen.

Rangabali Movie: Artists Review

Naga Shaurya played to his strength in the role. He effortlessly performed the happy-go-lucky role and he is at ease showing the right kind of expressions and emotions. His body language and screen presence are good. He excelled in the hilarious and romantic scenes and did well in the action sequences.

Yukthi Thareja, the Delhi beauty who made her debut with this film got a limited opportunity to showcase her talent. She looked good on screen and there are no real romantic scenes between Naga Shourya and Yukthi Thareja. However, in the songs shot at her, she turned ultra glamorous to steal the hearts of all with her killer looks.

Shine Tom Chacko played the MLA who hides his real intentions with ease. His scenes along with Naga Shourya turned out to be one of the driving forces for the narration. Satya as Naga Shourya's friend is good. Naga Shourya and Satya's scenes entertained movie lovers.  Sapthaigiri and Brahmaji played the roles of over-enthusiastic media personnel. Goparaju Ramana and Kalyani Natarajan played the role of Naga Shourya's parents. They did a good job. Murli Sharma and Subhalekha Sudhakar performed well.

The makers maintained silence about the star hero's powerful special. Star actor Sarath Kumar performed the role of Ranga Reddy around whom the real story runs. His screen presence added value to the narration. His mannerisms and screen presence made an impact.

Rangabali Movie: Technicians Review

Rangabali story readied by Pawan Basamsetti on debut is touted to be a light-hearted entertainer. Pawan Basamsetti stuck to his mission for the entire first half and he emerged successful in entertaining viewers with the hilarious and romantic scenes ending the first half on a decent note.

Many expected a similar kind of entertainment in the second half. However, Pawan Basamsetti decided to elevate emotions, and from then on entertainment went missing for the entire second half till the climax. Though he tried to revive it in the climax, the damage has been done. Even the climax comedy did not come out well as it looked forced after all the action. The emotional scenes, flashbacks, and all those things that appear in the second half looked forced and missed logic. But with Pawan Basamsetti managing to entertain viewers for more than half the part of the film, viewers look content.

The music of Pawan CH is good. A couple of songs are foottapping and they exploited the dancing skills of Naga Shourya. The songs are well-shot. The other two songs are romantic and they highlighted the glamor of Yukti Thareja. His background music is in sync with the story. Diwakar Mani and Vamsi Patchipulusu's cinematography is good and they gave a rich feel to the scenes. They made the film colorful and appealing. Karthika Srinivas editing could have been far better in the second half. The production values of SLV Cinemas are good.

Rangabali Movie: Advantages

  • Naga Shourya
  • Satya's antics
  • Yukti Thareja's glamor
  • A couple of Songs
  • Hilarious Scenes

Rangabali Movie: Disadvantages

  • Routine Elements
  • Fluctuations in Narration

Rangabali Movie: Rating Analysis

Altogether, Rangabali is a decent entertainer. Naga Shourya gets a breather after all the setbacks at the box office. Pawan Basamsetti did not fail Naga Shourya for the trust he put in him. He used Naga Shourya to the fullest in the first half and had he concentrated on doing the same in the second half rather than deviating from his mission, he would have got even better result. Little fine-tuning of the script and screenplay, and doing away with the predictability would have helped the film. Considering all these aspects, Cinejosh goes with a 2.0 rating for Rangabali.

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