Rang De Review

Rang De Review
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Director: Venky Atluri
Producer: Naga Vamsi
Release Date: Fri 26th Mar 2021
Actors: Nithin
Rang De Rating: 2.75 / 5
Rang De Punchline: Colorful!

Rang De Review, What’s Behind?

Family entertainers are the main forte of hero Nithiin who comes up with a wholesome entertainer Rang De romancing the very beautiful and award winning actress Keerthy Suresh under the direction of Venky Atluri with the popular Sithara Entertainments bankrolling it. Will this film give break to Nithiin whose last film Check was an utter flop?

Rang De Story Review:

Arjun (Nithiin) and Anu (Keerthy Suresh) are neighbors since childhood and they are like a family. Since Anu is brilliant and Arjun is below average student, the latter develops hatred on the former. However, Anu has been in love with him since they were kids. What happens when the two indifferent individuals get married in unforeseen circumstances form crux of the story.

Rang De Artists, Technicians Review:

Venky Atluri purely banks on family emotions and the drama in the second half makes much difference. It indeed changes our perspective on the whole film. While first half has shades of Nuvve Kavali, the main content is told in second half. The director has showed his merit in dealing the emotions between two persons and two families and the title Rang De is justified as different emotions come and hit you in splash. Dialogues are big strength, while Venky’s direction is adept.

Coming to other technicalities, PC Sreeram gives different colors to different moods and his work is praiseworthy. The vibrant visuals in Rangule are an example of his expertise. Devi Sri Prasad scored some pleasing songs and he next the film to next level with his captivating background score. Editor Naveel Noooli has done commendable job. And production values of Sithara Entertainments are lavish in every frame.

Onto artists’ performances, Nithiin who played a college going student looked much younger than his age and he is equally good in comedy as well as emotional scenes. He showed lots of maturity in crucial scenes in second half. Keerthy Suresh comes up with another brilliant performance. Impresses with her girl-next-door looks, she is gorgeous in songs. Nithiin and Keerthy competed with each other in last 20 to 30 minutes episodes. And their chemistry is admirable all through. Naresh is cool as Nithiin’s father, wherein Rohini is remarkable as Keerthy’s mom. Kausalya didn’t get scope to perform. Prema Desam fame Vineeth makes comeback in a brief role and he is okay. Brahmaji and Vennela Kishore’s comedy timing is impeccable, while the friends’ batch played by Suhas and Abhinav Gomatam gave comic relief.

Rang De Review Advantages:

Lead Pair




Rang De Review drawbacks:

First Half


Rang De Review Rating Analysis:

Life is full of emotions and we react accordingly to the situations. Coming to Rang De, the film shows different emotions in the lives of two people with indifferent mindsets. “Manam Ishtapade Vallu Manalni Vaddu Anukunnappude Vaari Viluva Thelusthiundi,” says Vineeth to Nithiin and it’s very true.

First 10 to 15 minutes establish childhood episodes that show why Nithiin hates Keerthy Suresh so much. In fact, a person with such mindset stumbles upon in everyone’s life whenever one fails in something. When there is hatred on someone, we only see negatives in them and Nithiin fails to feel the love of Keerthy on him as he has no such feelings since childhood. Nithiin and Brahmaji’s GMAT episodes are funny. But, the fight of Keerthy with entire family changes the mood of the film and they look monotonous. Twist in the interval is predictable, but promises an entertaining second half.

While it’s Nithiin who bothers Keerthy before the marriage, the latter takes revenge after the marriage. Vennela Kishore’s entry and his journey with the lead pain in Dubai bring some enjoyable. Emito Idhi song comes at perfect time and the picturization was alluring. The fights and misunderstands make this a routine affair, but the emotional connectivity in last portions bring freshness. The last 15 minutes will connect to every family man. Pre-climax and climax are the best part in the film and they surely make us emotional.

On the whole, Rang De is a complete family entertainer with elements for youth as well. Though the film has enough drama, the convincing narration gives a fresh feel. Nithiin, Keerthy Suresh’s acting prowess and technical brilliance of all the craftsmen make this an enjoyable flick. CJ goes with 2.75 star rating and it is definitely worth watching in theatres.


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