Rama Rama Krishna Krishna Movie Review.

Rama Rama Krishna Krishna Movie Review.
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Director: Srivass
Producer: Dil Raju
Release Date: Wed 12th May 2010
Actors: Ram
Rama Rama Krishna Krishna Movie Rating: 2 / 5
Punchline: Rama Rama Krishna Krishna - Kuyyo Raama.. Morro Krishna..

Behind the Movie RRKK: Hero Ram and Producer ‘Dil’ Raju are running through a rough patch in their careers have joined together with Director Srivass who is known more for his super hit ‘Lakshyam.’ With MM Keeravani’s music and a special role for Arjun supported by fresh looking Priya Anand and Bindu Madhavi, RRKK was awaited with some safe expectations for at least ‘Dil’ Raju brand value. Let us see, was he safe and what was his RRKK all about?

In the Movie RRKK: Movie starts in Mumbai when mafia leader Ashok Deva (Arjun) is on an unending war with his opponent Pawar (Vineeth Kumar). Deva has a cute family with two sisters Sirisha and Priya (Priya Anand), wife Gauthami (Gracy Singh) and his right hand Shiva. Gauthami is killed by Pawar group on her birthday and she takes last word from her husband to leave this violence and lead a peaceful life away from mafia.

Respecting her words, Deva along with her sisters and Shiva leave to a small village Gandhipuram in East Godavari district to start his new life while Pawar group thinks that Deva is dead. Chakrapani (Naazar) is head of this village with two sons Anand and Ramakrishna (Ram).

Ramakrishna is a notorious guy in the village who bashes up the bad respecting his father’s principles, who is chased by his maradalu (Bindu Madhavi) while Anand is a medico who is in love with classmate Sirisha (Deva’s  sister). Feared of their parents not accepting their marriage, both of them elope to their uncle Subba Rao’s (Brahmanandm) residence in Mumbai. Now, Ramakrishna and Priya along with Shiva reach Mumbai in search of this eloped couple only to get targeted by mafia again. Pawar wants to finish Shiva and Priya but are saved by Ramakrishna who later knows about the flash back of Deva.

Ramakrishna now takes on the responsibility of his brother’s marriage with Sirisha and bring them back to Gandhipuram but to be continuously chased by this mafia. At last when both the families agree for the marriage of Ramakrishna with Priya and Anand with Sirisha, here comes back mafia Pawar to take the movie to climax. Who won  this mafia war? Did Ramakrishna win his love? What happened to Deva? form final episodes of the movie.

Values of the Movie RRKK:
Such a rotten and rugged story line always demands an energetic screen play and extra ordinary directorial abilities. Unfortunately Srivass missed them by a long way. There were many loose ends in screen play and never was his direction looked gripping serving to the scene and its context. Dialogues by Rathnam couldn’t do any magic this time. Music by Keeravani was once again good for title song, Oola Laala, Thugo Jilla Pilla Paago Jilla. Keeravani even tried his best to supply oxygen for this dead story and narration. Cinematography by Sekhar V Joseph was mediocre. Editing by Gowtham Raju was on regular lines as per the story. Production values of Dil Raju looked to be on a little down side.
Performance wise Ram offered nothing special and it was his regular handsome look with fast paced dialogue delivery and of course never to mention his dancing and fighting abilities. Heroine Priya Anand has an expressionless face with sugarcane styled body physique and doesn’t require anything to mention performance wise. Bindu Madhavi character is of mass touch with less screen time spelling double meaning dialogues. Arjun looked reserved and dignified both performance and look wise. Self dubbing has made harm to his character. Brahmanandam tried to evoke laughter with vulgar lines while Srinivas Reddy, Bharath Teja were better. Naazar, Benarjee were up to their mark. Remaining Sayaji Shinde, villain Vineeth Kumar, Pragathi, Gracy Singh and others were just okay.

Out of the Movie RRKK: Srivass has faltered in three departments he took care of. Movie runs for entire length without creating any mark, thanks to lengthy story line which at least kept the audience engaged with out boring. None of the characters have the required depth in characterizations. Examples are:

1.    Arjun’s character hasn’t been built up properly without a solid reason behind his entry into mafia line which was back bone for entire movie.
2.    The love track between Ram and Priya Anand has no depth. Wonder how director dared to allot a song when they depart.
3.    Cinematic liberties too many taken. How can a young lad from Godavari (Ram) who has never seen a pistol in his life time suddenly start aiming goons in Mumbai.
4.    Graphical department was non sense of which Hero introduction and chasing scene in Mumbai was worse managed. Sorry… but many more can be listed.
First half of the movie looked just okay with an interval bang which promised some gripping second half to come, but only to break the promise. Second half looked dragged with unnecessary sentiments and logic less scenes.

Never to mention there are few good scenes in the movie like medical camp in village, Srinivas Reddy comedy gang, Arjun’s initial fight but the overdose of negative remarks pulled them down. If Ram’s energy, Arjun’s elegant look, two to three good musical numbers, a dose of family values are to attract your attention in RRKK; depth less characters, over numbered cinematic liberties, dragged look, beaten story line, too many characters overshadow the positive points. All in all, Dil Raju looks to have lost his master touch.

Cinejosh Verdict of the Movie RRKK: Kuyyo Raama…Morro Krishna...

                                                                                               Reviewed by Srivaas

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