Ram Asur Review

Ram Asur Review
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Director: Venkatesh Triparna
Producer: Venkatesh Triparna, Abhinav Sardhar
Release Date: Fri 19th Nov 2021
Actors: Abhinav Sardhar
Ram Asur Rating: 2.5 / 5
Ram Asur Punchline: Shows limited Power

What's Behind

Abhinav Sardhar,Ram Karthik,'s Ram Asur directed by Venkatesh Triparna attracted the attention of all with interesting trailers and teasers. The film released on November 19 and let us find out what Ram Asur offered to movie lovers.

Story Review

Ram (Ram Karthik) who suffers a breakup with his girlfriend Priya (Sherry Agarwal), fails to concentrate on his dream project. To find out the solution he along with his friend contacts an astrologer Ramachari (Subhalekha Sudhakar). Ramachari , a specialist in Nadi Jyotish, asks him to go to Sriramapuram and findout about Anaparti Suri (Abhinav Sardar).  When they inquire about Anaparti Suri, they findout shocking revelations. To findout the shocking revelations and how Balaramaraju (Suman), Chandini (Chandini Tamilarasan), Shiva (Shaani Solomon) are connected to it and what is the dream project and whether Ram emerges successful in his mission, enjoy Ram Asur on screen.

Artists, Technicians Review

Director Venkatesh Triparna on debut tried to be different and came with an interesting plot touching two timelines. He starts of the narration in an interesting manner with the hero trying to find out the reason behind mysterious happenings in his life and the connection to it. Venkatesh connected the dotted lines quite well and the first half progressed with interesting twists and turns. The first half has all the elements to attract different sections of viewers. It has suspense, romance, and mass elements with the story traveling from urban to the rural backdrop. The first half ends in an interesting manner set the tone for the second half.

Expectations increase into the second half but much to the disappointment of all, routine elements creep in. Apart from it, too many characters and confusing narration at times left viewers scratching their heads. Director Venkatesh seems to have run out of ideas in the second half. The climax and pre-climax have only a few twists and turn predictable to some extent apart from giving a feeling that it was rushed after the little drags and repetitive scenes. The screenplay and narration are racy in the first half but the pace dipped into the second half. Venkatesh Triparna did well as a director on debut and he should have tightened the screenplay for better impact. Dialogues are good and interesting. The concept of peanut diamond captures the imagination of all.

Bheems Ceciroleo's music is good. Songs are well shot but the placement slowed the pace of the film acting as the speed breaker. He elevated the scenes with his background music but at times it turned out to be loud. Basawa Paidi Reddy is ok but could have been better especially in the second half where the pace dipped. The cinematography of J Prabhakara Reddy is good and he used good camera angles to show variations differentiating between the rural and urban backdrop and captured the natural and scenic locations like waterfalls in an exotic manner. Production values are good.

Ram Karthik performed well in his role. He did full justice and came with good expressions. He should however workout on his emotions little more. Abhinav Sardar stole the limelight in the role of Suri. He got a good role and slipped into the role effortlessly. His mannerisms and screen presence is good. He performed well as an intelligent man, lover and showed different variations as required by his character. Chandini Tamilarasan performed well as a village belle. Sherry Agarwal increased the glamor content with intense liplocks and romantic scenes. Subhalekha Sudhakar and Suman performed well in the roles tailor-made for them. Shaani Salmon made his presence felt in the role of Suri's friend. Others performed accordingly.






Interesting Plot


Confusing narration

Routine elements


Rating Analysis

Ram Asur directed by Venkatesh Triparna starts off in an interesting manner promising a romantic suspense thriller. However as the narration progressed, the interest evaporates quickly. Venkatesh Triparna came with an interesting story, touched the curious case of peanut diamond. He confessed the same in a subtle manner in the end. A little fine-tuning of the script could have done wonders. Considering all these points, CJ goes with a 2.5 rating for Ram Asur.


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