Rakshasudu Review

Rakshasudu Review
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Director: Ramesh Varma
Producer: Satyanarayana Koneru
Release Date: Fri 02nd Aug 2019
Actors: Bellamkonda Srinivas
Rakshasudu Rating: 3.0 / 5
Rakshasudu Punchline: Edge Of The Seat Thriller

Rakshasudu Review, What’s Behind?

Thriller movies are a rare genre in Telugu, those who touched it majorly failed. Amidst all the odds, Rakshasudu a proved subject in Tamil is remade in Telugu and is very crucial for hero Bellamkonda Srinivas, heroine Anupama Parameswaran and director Ramesh Varma. Will this film provide them the much needed break?

Rakshasudu Story Review:

A wannabe filmmaker Arun (Bellamkonda Srinivas), crime enthusiast with extensive research done for his debut film script fails to impress producers. Obliging to family members, Arun joins police department and is vexed. Here comes a right case of his choice wherein a series school going girls murders from a psycho poses a challenge. However, he doesn’t get much support from higher officials and in the process of own investigation to crack the mystery finds that, the killer in subject is more than a psycho. Who this psycho killer is? What’s his motive and flashback? How Arun deals the case with suppprt from girl friend (Anupama) and how his personal family is pushed into imbroglio?

Rakshasudu Artists, Technicians Review:

Director Ramesh Varma rightly, cleverly adopted Tamil hit Ratsasan and made it an engaging thriller throughout. The original was actually a mix of cult psycho killer thrillers from Hollywood. With a solid dose of hair raising elements, Rakshasudu leads in one direction before seriously changing its path post intermission thus keeping firmness intact. While these are definitely time tested frills, the way Ramesh Varma presented it with elan worked in film's favor. Most importantly, the technical support from each department is worth a pat. First of all, Ram Kumar's screenplay is straight away a tight ropeway walk clamped at every end with every character and central plot.

Venkat C Dileep created different moods at various stages of story-telling with luminous cinematography. Soul of the film is music director Ghibran who has done a commendable job infusing goose bump, edge of the seat moments with his re recording, keeping us hooked to every scene. Music is best in sync with Amar Reddy editing, which created nerve breaking tense all the time without allowing any lag. Art by Gandhi deserves special mention. Production values are top on standard.

Bellamkonda Srinivas has come up with a settled, balanced and underplayed performance. Unlike his previous films, he did not go overboard as the character needed him to balance on emotions and mystery. Best of his career. Aupama Parameswaran is decent in a brief role. Rajeev Kanakala makes us emotional. The one who played the role of teacher, a sexual predator is a brilliant choice. The one who played psycho Christopher was also outstanding. Other artists played their roles aptly.

Rakshasudu Review Advantages:


First Half

Continuous Thrills




Bellamkonda Srinivas

Rakshasudu Review Drawbacks:

Repetitiveness In Second Half

Strictly For Thriller Buffs

Lengthy Climax

Rakshasudu Review, Rating Analysis:

Rakshasudu stood honest to its genre and does complete justice with hardly any errors. The film's biggest strength lies in its screenplay. It has many edge of the seat, nail biting moments, giving an intense movie watch experience to audience.

First half begins with introduction of a brutal murder, then protagonist and his prime interest of making a psycho thriller film. After a decent take off, things turn interesting when the city witnesses a serial killer who starts killing school girls in horrific manner. Research Srinivas had done for the film not only well established his characterization but also laid enough seeds for story to unveil. The way essential leads are exposed into the case is pin pointedly perfectioned. The child abuse angle is also very sensibly inserted deviating our main focus and the romantic track is thankfully dealt crisp. Interval is bang on with unexpected twist. By end of first half, viewers are completely immersed into the subject connecting intensely with the murders and emotional stake of victims family members.

Latter half also begins on interesting note with Srinivas's intensified investigation to reach the serial killer, equally clever in misleading the case and escaping from cops. But after the big reveal is made regarding the identity of killer, the film plods along in a leisurely manner. The back story of killer is properly presented without missing logics. Movie ends on predictable note putting an end to the psycho.

All in all, Rakshasudu is a gripping thriller with unexpected twists and turns in many places. The film is technically well made with effective work from all the technicians, especially BGM by Ghibran and Ram Kumar's screenplay. CJ goes with 3 stars rating and Rakshasudu is expected to do well in urban centers. The film’s fate depends on how B and C centers receive. A faithful remake and worth a watch for thriller movie lovers. Beyond all, a much needed break for Bellamkonda Srinivas.


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