Rajanna Movie Review

Rajanna Movie Review
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Behind the Movie Rajanna: Hero Nagarjuna is equally popular for experimenting as a producer with different scripts. This film is one such period drama that raised many expectations in public and here comes the day when ‘Rajanna’ has to hit the screens. Directed by Vijayendra Prasad with music from MM Keervaani, let us see how strong our ‘Rajanna’ is?

In the Movie Rajanna: Story begins in 1948 when Lachchamma (Sneha) and her infant girl child Mallamma are chased by cold blooded servants of barbarous Dora (Landlord) in the village of Nelakondapalli, Adilabad District. Those were the days when India has got Independence from British but not this region of Andhra Pradesh which was still under the influence and domination of Landlord System with support from Nizam and his Razakar. As Lachchamma falls prey to their swords, the infant girl child is rescued by old man Samabayya, who knows that Mallamma is none other than the daughter of Telangana martyr Rajanna (Nagarjuna). 

As Mallamma enters into sweet childhood singing songs and touching the hearts of villagers, she gets attached to Samadhi of Rajanna. In the same time, heartless Dorasani (Swetha Menon) orders Mallamma and Music Teacher (Naazar) never to sing again. But, the little girl could not keep away from singing and thus faces the ire of Dorasani running away from village to meet Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru and save her village from the iron hands of Dorasani. 

Time when Mallamma loose hopes en-route New Delhi, music teacher narrates the flashback of her Dad ‘Rajanna’ and his brave fight put against the atrocities of Landlord System during the regime of Nizam. How did Mallamma inspire? Did she meet Nehru and what happened to the fate of Nelakondapally and many such villages in Telangana form the rest of climax.

Values of the Movie Rajanna: Thanks to Vijayendra Prasad’s thorough research done on the subject and his creative eye in adding of fictious drama. Although he is the director, story and script writer, hand of Rajamouli is perfectly seen in canning of action episodes and in bringing an emotional connectivity of audience with Mallamma. Good that father-son duo has delivered a product that is worth a watch. Cinematography by Anil Bhandari, Shyam K Naidu and Poorna was bright and appealing but unluckily some times lacked to show the native flavor in Telangana region. Same do apply for dialogues because the original dialect of Adilabad district is not fully extracted yet, audience still get an aroma of the region. Editing by Kotagiri was a neat work with no jerks in narration. Music Director MM Keeravani has given soul stirring background and melodious tunes for the lyrics written by popular men like Suddla Ashok Teja and others. He is the Best among total Technical team. Production values have been the top notch and Nag comes out a winner.

Performance wise, Annie kept the film on even track by making audience involved and she has been the life-line for total first half. The tenderness in her face has emoted even toughest of expressions with ease. If film is to reach the shores of appreciation from critics, it’s the presence of Annie. 

Next to speak about is Nagarjuna. Although makes an entry half an hour before interval, soon he pulls the tempo of film down with antiquated lengthy dialogues. When viewers start doubting on second half, it’s again Vijayendra Prasad’s unique, never seen or never heard atrocities of Nizam arrive on screen raising the emotional graph well supplemented by artists like Sneha, Ravi Kale, Mukesh Rishi and others. 

As a cruel Dorasani, hot bomb Swetha Menon could not live up to the desired levels. The voice dubbed for her character lacked the command. Ajay, Pradeep Rawat, Shravan and Supreet as the four men army of Rajanna were chivalrous. Telangana Shakuntala, Hema and others too did their part.

Out of the Movie Rajanna: True that more than the mark of Vijayendra Prasad, it was Rajamouli seen in all those areas where film has scored brownie points. Episodes of Annie in first half give a feel of Jakkanna’s treatment of child in ‘Vikramarkudu.’ First half is totally shouldered by Annie while second half it was Nagarjuna and the emotional build up given. History of Telangana has been forayed expensively and Nag needs a pat for such adventure. Contrary to this, commercial values in ‘Rajanna’ are absolutely zero and that might kill the repeat value. Basic flaws which one can observe are slow narration, overt domination of songs and the routine drive towards climax with unjustified ending of Rajanna and Dorasani characters. 

Worth to mention here is, Rajamouli re-attempted the 100 Men kind of ‘Magadheera’ episode in climax with Nag and his 4 Men army and he was just partially successful. Behind the commercial success, it’s the true interpretation of history and final message given that are to give more professional satisfaction for the team of ‘Rajanna’ which is obviously going to rule the Juries of all Awards Committees. One man who needs the aggrandize is ‘King’ Nagarjuna for this kind of magnanimous budget poured in for a period drama that is usually called a ‘Risk’ at Telugu BO. So, the final commercial success has to be wait and seen.

Cinejosh Verdict of the Movie Rajanna: Challenging Attempt from Nagarjuna!

                                                                                           Reviewed by Srivaas

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