Raja Vikramarka Review

Raja Vikramarka Review
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Director: Sri Saripalli
Producer: ‘88’ Ramareddy
Release Date: Fri 12th Nov 2021
Actors: Kartikeya
Raja Vikramarka Rating: 2.25 / 5
Raja Vikramarka Punchline: Inta Silly Na?

What's Behind

Karthikeya's Raja Vikramarka attracted the attention of all as the makers named the film after Mega Star Chiranjeevi's yesteryear film. The film's trailers generated interest with action elements. The film directed by Sri Saripalli hit the screens on November 12. Let us see what Raja Vikramarka got in store.

Story Review

Raja Vikramarka (Karthikeya), an NIA officer instead of getting suspended for his mistakes, is given an assignment by his boss Mahendra (Tanikella Bharani). He is asked to oversee the protection of Home Minister Chakradhar (Sai Kumar) in a secret manner as there is a life threat in form of Guru Narayan (Pasupathy). Whether Raja Vikramarka goofs up the mission or save the home minister by negating the threat, why is Guru  Narayan targeting the home minister, how Kranti (Tanya Ravichandran) and police officer Govind Narayan (Sudhakar Komakula) are related should be found out on the screen.

Artists, Technicians Review

Sri Saripalli on debut tried to show Karthikeya in a romantic action entertainer. He decided to show him as an NIA guy who tries to save Home Minister and at the same time fall in love with his daughter. The story itself is old and many filmmakers touched it earlier. However as the story has an NIA backdrop, one can come with an interesting and gripping thriller according to the current trends. But much to the disappointment of all, he came with a routine story and failed completely with his screenplay and direction.

Karthikeya, the antagonist is shown in a guy who is a novice and the comedy around him and the love track in fact deviated the entire story. Spy thrillers need gripping narration and interesting twists and turns, but the story lacked all of them. Everything looked forced and except for a few comedy dialogues, nothing excited viewers. The trap for the villain and the counter trap and the so-called twist about the villain, everything fell apart. One gets a feeling that people are more updated than the director Sri Saripalli. Forget about Karthikeya's role, none of the roles are written powerfully and executed well on screen. Too many cinematic liberties and silly, illogical narration did not help the output in any manner.

Karthikeya is suited for the role of an NIA officer. He has a well-chiseled physique and enacted the action scenes quite well. He is ok with his comedy scenes and to some extent in romantic scenes. However, he should work on his expressions to make it to the next league. Tanya Ravichandran looked good on screen. Tanikella Bharani did well and got good dialogues to make an impression. Sai Kumar got a good screen presence. Harshavardhan did well while Sudhakar Komakula who got an important role is just ok.

Prashant Vihari's music is just ok. The songs failed to make any impact. However, he made a good impact with the background music. He elevated the scenes with his background music. PC.Mouli's cinematography is good. Editing of Jeswin Prabhu could have been better. Production values are ok.


Karthikeya's physique

Few action and comedy scenes


Story, Screenplay, Direction

Predictable narration

Routine elements

Rating Analysis

Karthikeya's Raja Vikramaka directed by Sri Saripalli failed to trill movie lovers. The outdated story, silly screenplay, and listless direction complicated things. Despite karthikeya's sincere efforts, Sri Saripalli due to his inexperience failed to give a kick with Raja Vikramarka. Considering all these points, CJ goes with a 2.25 rating for Raja Vikramarka.


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