Raja Rani Movie Review

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Raja Rani Movie Review
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Behind the Movie Raja Rani: Original Tamil version of this film was a decent success at Kollywood BO. With Nayanathara, Arya in lead roles, AR Murugadoss produced and Atlee directed the flick. Let us see, how great is this?

In the Movie Raja Rani: John (Arya) and Regina (Nayanathara) are betrothed traditionally in a church. Their family life starts on a negative note with frequent quarrels. Unable to bear the mental torture, Regina falls sick to epilepsy. Here on John repents for behavior and Regina narrates the flashback where in she fell in love with an innocent Air Voice Mobile Customer Care representative Surya (Jai). Why did their love story did not end up on a happy note? On force of her dad (Sathyaraj), Regina agrees to marry John.

In to the flashback of John as narrated by his friend (Santhanam), there is an orphan girl Keerthana (Nazriya Nazim) and John in love. Call it their ill fate, Keerthana dies in an accident and John is also forced to settle in life by marrying Regina.

Now that, John and Regina have tragic flashbacks… they both think of beginning a new life with this marriage. Meanwhile, Regina gets transferred to Australia and Surya was found as Immigration officer in the airport. How did Regina and John react? Who will win Regina finally is the climax.

Values of the Movie Raja Rani: The basic strengths of this film are highly authentic performances from lead cast supported with extra ordinary BGM of GV Prakash and never to mention the free flowing screenplay of Atlee. Cinematography of Geroge C Williams is just top notch. Though conventional camera angles are used yet he registered the scenes with audience. Anthony L Ruben’s editing is also decent. Dialogues though dubbed into Telugu, left the right impression. GV Prakash Kumar’s BGM is mesmerizing and songs were also shot well. Production values of AR Murugadoss are appreciative.

Coming to performances, Nayan is far high and above gorgeous. After a long time, it is a treat to watch this eternal beauty in a purposeful character. Arya as usual was handsome and well worked in chemistry with Nayan. Coming to Jai, he was good looking and did the role to perfection. Nazriya is again stunningly beautiful in a middle class girl role. Sathyaraj was decent and Santhanam’s comedy worked to an extent. Of the rest, none needs a special mention.

Out of the Movie Raja Rani: For any plot to excel on screen, it’s the ability of director in projecting the emotional thread does the magic. Luckily Atlee worked on such threads with lot of maturity. After watching the climax, though it’s a regular one, the way he gave the treatment and closing dialogues really made a lot of sense. Same do applies for few scenes where screenplay ran on fresh lines. However, the kind of entertainment as offered by Jai-Nayanathara pair in first half is missed in Arya-Nazriya pairing in second half. Story goes no where to show the depth of affection and love budded between Arya and Nazrim while the first pair looks completely interesting with lot of conviction.

Anyways Atlee seems to be a wonderful film maker with a class taste. Though missed on comedy quotient when it comes to Telugu audience mindset yet ‘Raja Rani’ is a clean and neat film for all the sections of audience with three decent romantic tracks. BO wise, definitely Telugu version’s result cannot be seen on par with the Tamil version.

Cinejosh Verdict of Raja Rani: Watch it for Jai and Nayanathara.

                                                        Cinejosh Rating: 3

                                                                                              Reviewed by Srivaas

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