Raja Raja Chora Review

Raja Raja Chora Review
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Director: Hasith Golli
Producer: Abhishek Agarwal, TG.Viswa Prasad
Release Date: Thu 19th Aug 2021
Actors: Sreei Vishnu
Raja Raja Chora Rating: 2.75 / 5
Raja Raja Chora Punchline: Not Enough Ra

What's Behind

Sree Vishnu's Raja Raja Chora directed by Hasith Golli attracted the imagination of all with its unique title. Sree Vishnu's costume as the king and also the hilarious teaser and trailer increased curiosity among movie lovers. The film hit the screens on August 19, 2021 and let us see what Raja Raja Chora offered to movie lovers.

Story Review

A priest (Tanikella Bharani) starts spiritual discourse during Shivaratri and his discourses go on every day till Sri Rama Navami. Coincidentally Bhaskar (Sree Vishnu), a software engineer is seen romancing a beautiful girl Sanjana (Megha Akash) and the love birds make preparations to acquire a new house and in order to do so, they share their salary together.

In the midst of all this, the city is rocked with robberies and Police Officer William Reddy (Ravi Babu) gets reprimanded by his lady boss for his inefficiency. William Reddy goes out to prove his efficiency and this brings a lot of changes in the lives of Bhaskar and Sanjana.

How Vidya (Sunaina), doctor (Srikanth Iyengar), printing press owner (Ajay Ghosh), beggar Anjamma (Gangavva) are related to the twists and turns in the lives of Bhaskar and Sanjana and where their relationship leads to form the rest of Raja Raja Chora's story.

Artists, Technicians Review

Hasith Golli came with a story to attract movie lovers with hilarious, youthful, and sentiment scenes. He starts the narration in an interesting manner showcasing the different shades of Sri Vishnu. The romantic angle between Sri Vishnu and Megha Akash is established in a beautiful manner and the way he unraveled it increases curiosity. Interest levels increase with the introduction of Sunaina as Sree Vishnu's wife. He maintained the tempo in the first half with the introduction of characters of Ravi Babu, Srikanth Iyengar, and others.

Though the narration is slow, the steady unfolding of proceedings keeps the viewers guessing and the situational comedy with Gangavva, Ajay Ghosh, and Vasu Inturi are good. The interval bang makes viewers carve for more speedy and racy proceedings in the second half as the director sets the stage for the second half in a perfect manner.  The first half turned out to be loaded with youthful, romantic, and hilarious elements and few sentiment scenes here and there.

But enter the second half, seriousness creeps in and emotions dominate the proceedings completely erasing the humor content. At times the dialogues turned out to be preachy and already slow proceedings took a nose dive testing the patience of the viewers. Everything turned out to be routine in the second half and the predictable pre-climax and climax did not help the outcome in any manner. Director came with a routine and predictable story but few hilarious scenes here and there and Sunaina's law points in between increased the curiosity. Hasith Golli should have added few more hilarious scenes for Sree Vishnu to make an even better impact on the viewers. His screenplay and direction are ok and could have been better. He failed to get the optimum out of Sree Vishnu.

Sree Vishnu impresses with his body language, mannerisms, and dialogue delivery. His comic timing is good and brought in variations showing his emotions accordingly. Sree Vishnu tried to carry the film on his shoulders singlehandedly.He did full justice to his role and had the director increased the humor content, he would have made an even more powerful impact on the viewers. Megha Akash looked beautiful and performed her role to perfection. Sunaina attracts as the wife of Sree Vishnu. He played the role in a composed manner and carried herself well on the screen. Ravi Babu did well as the police officer and his comedy timing is good. Srikanth Iyengar is good as a doctor. Others like Ajay Ghosh, Gangavva, Vasu Inturi performed well in their roles. Tanikella Bharani did his role well.

Vivek Sagar's music is melodious. All the songs are well shot. His background music is in sync with the story. Veda Raman Sankaran with his cinematography elevated the scenes. He beautified the film with his camera angles. The editing of Viplav Nyshadam is good but could have been better as there are few drags in the first half and many in the second half. Had he taken care of especially in the second half, the output would have been even better. Production values are good. A little bit of finetuning of the script would have done wonders to the story.


Sree Vishnu, Megha Akash

Few hilarious and emotional scenes




Predictable story, screenplay


Slow pace

Routine elements

Missing commercial angle

Rating Analysis

Director Hasith Golli who elevated Sree Visnhu's hilarious angle in Mental Madilo tried to repeat the magic in Raja Raja Chora. He emerged successful to some extent but his plans to tone down Sree Vishnu's hilarious side to highlight the emotional side backfired completely. He tried to balance comedy and sentiment in both the first and second half but while in the first half, comedy scenes dominated, emotional scenes dominated in the second half. This impacted the overall output of the film in the final run. To the top of it, Hasith Golli has taken his own sweet time to get into the story and the slow narration ended up testing the patience of the viewers. Routineness crept in and missing commercial elements that attract masses, toning down of the humor angle, undid the good work. Considering all these elements, CJ goes with a 2.75 rating to Raja Raja Chora.

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