Radha Review

Radha Review
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Director: Chandramohan
Producer: BVSN Prasad, SVCC Entertainments
Release Date: Fri 12th May 2017
Actors: Sharwanand
Radha Rating: 2.75 / 5
Radha Punchline: Sharwanand Steals The Show

Radha Review, What’s Behind:

After scoring back to back hits and in tremendous form, Sharwanand is here with a commercial outing Radha in debutant Chandramohan direction, produced by BVSN Prasad. Starring Lavanya Tripathi, Aksha in leads, the funny cop film has hit the screens today. Let us get into actual Radha review.

Radha Story Review:

Radha Krishna (Sharwanand) dreams of becoming a Police Officer from childhood, finally achieves it getting appointed as SI in a peaceful town of Warangal district where he falls in love with local girl Radha (Lavanya Tripathi). Unable to find any crimes in this place, Radha willfully gets transferred to Dhoolpet in Hyderabad to confront politician and wannabe CM Sujatha (Ravi Kishen) who uses his political power to kill ten police men. How Radha tackled Sujatha dashing his political dreams is rest.

Radha Artists, Technicians Review:

Basically, Radha is a commercial template with super hit episodes ripped off from three to four highly successful movies. Good dose of humorous entertainment on protagonist characterization is the very key. Writer, director Chandramohan though fell flat on needful substance to run 2+ hours film, his main focus went on providing lighter vein entertainment devoid of boredom. Now and then, emotional spikes kept narration intact though hiccups in love story can’t be neglected. Dialogues are wittily written with too much of Bhagavadgita to summarize. Karthika Ghattamaneni’s camera work is colorful and very bright. Editing by Madhu is just okay. Radhan scored couple of peppy tunes and BGM is more than apt. Production standards from BVSN Prasad and SVCC are top notch.

Onto performances, Sharwanand excelled as police officer sprinkling energy throughout. His mannerisms, dialogue delivery and comic punches kept audience in splits. One serious and lengthy dialogue on police department during pre climax showed his dexterity. In one line, Radha is a movie shouldered alone by Sharwanand. Heroine Lavanya Tripathi looked gorgeous but hasn’t got much of meat. Aksha got an extended cameo. Ravi Kishen rehashed Race Gurram characterization at ease. Kota, Ashish Vidyarthi did their weighty part. Shakalaka Shankar, Brahmaji stroked an emotional chord in crucial roles. Sapthagiri’s Nannaku Prematho spoof with Ali was hilarious. Rest like Tanikella, Pragathi and others may not need a big mention.

Radha Review Positives:


Comic Entertainment


Radha Review Negatives:

Second Half

Feeble Plot

Clichéd Scenes

Romantic Track

Radha Review, Rating Analysis: 

As promoted from early on, Radha is a regular commercial film with predictable screenplay. For those who never question on logics, this is worth a time pass because Sharwanand was never seen moving so comfortably in mass mannerisms hitting punch dialogues one after other. At the same time, director Chandrmohan knowing Sharwanand restrictions kept him a distant away from mouthing high voltage action episodes, thigh slapping dialogues cleverly concentrating on his hero’s advantages. Visibly, the main motto of Radha was to promote Sharwanand both as a mass hero and good at ladies following. Of course, Chandramohan almost achieved it. 

Inaugurating the hero’s character from childhood, episodes written in early start off are very good. Connecting Bhagavdgita with Police is a new stuff. Sharwanand joining the police academy for training and posted in Warangal district is side splitting. Once Lavanya Tripathi enters, proceedings slowed down a bit. In parallel, we are also introduced to Ravi Kishen, Kota and Ashish Vidyarthi political mind game. Sinking these two tracks went on expected lines with a bomb blast where emotions paid off on Shakalaka Shankar, Brahmaji. Interval is acceptable.

Into second half, one needs no big intelligence to know who will win in the conflict between hero and villain. But, the path and sub tracks selected are very much routine. Plundering the black money, Sapthagiri DNA test are a beaten stuff rehashed. When the flow gets pretty methodical, Chandramohan uses police formula to add an extra kick. Pre climax and climax are single handed show from Sharwa again.

In totality, Radha is a time pass flick which showcased Sharwanand in a new commercial perspective. Definitely, he came out as a winner oozing smartness in most frames despite content is very poor. Box Office run depends on B, C centre adoration and Baahubali influence. Cinejosh goes with 2.75 stars rating for Radha, just for the sake of Sharwanand’s one man show.


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