Rachcha Movie Review

Rachcha Movie Review
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Behind the Movie Rachcha: The bundles of burden from Fans lying on Ramcharan to prove his worth post ‘Magadheera,’ director Sampat Nandi handling the second project of his career with prestigious hero, Tamanna’s glamour, Mani Sharma’s tunes have altogether raised expectations of ‘Rachcha’ to an all time high. With entire Andhra Pradesh waiting for release of the film, here comes Charan in a mass masala character. Let us see, how capable is ‘Rachcha’ to do ‘Rachcha…Rachcha’ at Box Office.      

In the Movie Rachcha: Story begins in the village of Raidurgam where a kind hearted village head Raghupathi (Nazar) and his friend Surya Narayana (Parthiban) getting ready with a ritual for welfare of village is suddenly killed by a bomb blast. Very soon after the titles, story comes to present with Raju known as Betting Raju (Ramcharan) takes on a Car Race challenge with James (Ajmal) and defeats him. It’s time for first twist. In order to save his father (MS Narayana) suffering from Liver failure, Raju agrees for Rs.20 Lakhs bet with James to make medico Chaitra (Tamanna) fall in love. She is the daughter of cruel bad man Bellari (Mukesh Rishi).  As Raju gets onto the job, Chaitra gradually falls into his love which isn’t liked by Bellari. Just before the interval, one more twist unveils as Bellari is not the actual father of Chaitra but is eyeing on her Rs.10, 000 Crore property. Who is Chaitra aka Ammu and what is her relation with Raghupathi? Who is Raju aka Cherry and what is his relation with Surya Narayana? What is the decisive flashback of these two connected with starting bomb blast and how is this linked to villains Bellari, politician Byreddy (Kota) and his son (Dev Gill)? How did Cherry accomplish the unfinished task of his father and his friend forms the rest of climax.

Values of the Movie Rachcha: Basic story selected by Sampath Nandi for this film is although old and tested many times but is a bona fide line for cooking a perfect mass entertainer. So, he maintained distinctiveness in screenplay by giving major focus on characterization of hero and narration. Most of the time, he was successful while the ordinary story created hindrances here and there. Direction wise Sampath lifted the movie to peaks more often however sustenance of the same was missing. Dialogues written by Paruchuri Brothers are welcomed by Mega Fans with loud cheers in theatre. Music by Mani Sharma is just an average score and background wise, he failed miserably. Same do apply for Sameer Reddy’s camera or Goutham Raju’s editing skills. Production values of Mega Super Good Movies were brilliant.

Performance wise, Ramcharan has stepped into altogether a new role filled with enormous action. He is made to spell plenty of mass dialogues to woo masses. Action scenes came to his rescue while dances wise Mega spark was missing. Tamanna is gorgeous playing the pivotal character interlinking first and second halves using the role of Ajmal. Costumes selected for Tammu further enhanced her beauty. Mukesh Rishi was a routine villain and Kota, Dev Gill are unnecessary characters. Comedy by Brahmi as Dance Master Rangeela with Venu Madhav, Thaagubothu Ramesh and Srinivas Reddy relaxed the entire first half. In second half, Ali as ‘Love Guru’ and Jayaprakash Reddy as CI raised laughter. Of the remaining Krishna Bhagawan, MS Narayana, Ravi Babu, Raghu Babu, Sudha, LB Sriram and others did to their parts.                  

Out of the Movie Rachcha: Basic strength of movie is its storyline and presence of Ramcharan. Director Sampat could have turned this movie into a BO blockbuster, if he has well utilized Ramcharan to full capacity. Weak dances, out of context dialogues (praising his own family) and off peaks in emotional graph resulted only in a minimum guaranteed ‘Rachcha.’ In fact, some times dialogues have gone overboard causing distress to general audience. 

Once the flashback episode is revealed in second half, Sampat could not continue the excitement for long time. However, the heavy slaughtering in climax with trademark weapons might give necessary satisfaction for frontbenchers. In overall, first half is entertaining and second half is about the exact story disclosed using twists in the form of Tammu and Ajmal. Commercially, there are good chances of film turning to be an average product in A centers and B, C audience can probably take it to next level. For a complete commercial result, one has to wait and see till completion of first week. 

Cinejosh Verdict of Rachcha: Can be a Treat only for Mega Fans.

                                                      Reviewed by Srivaas

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