Rabhasa Review

Rabhasa Review
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Behind the Movie Rabhasa: Young Tiger Jr NTR needs an immediate hit to get back on track has teamed with ‘Kandireega’ fame director Santosh Srinivas for a perfect Telugu family entertainer. Let us see, how far ‘Rabhasa’ can offer us a festival treat.

In the Movie Rabhasa: In straight, the story is about a young guy Karthik (Jr NTR)’s fulfillment of promise given to his mother (Jayasudha) to marry Maradalu Indu (Samanta). Both these families have a rivalry due to small mistake committed by Dhanunjay (Sayaji Shinde), father of Indu. Now, Karthik is on duty to find Indu and joins the same college. However, a small confusion leads to development of a romantic track between Karthik and Indu’s friend Bhagyam (Pranitha) which is quickly corrected. A small trick by Indu to escape from Karthik unveils a new thread of Gangi Reddy (Nagineedu) and Peddi Reddy (Jaya Prakash Reddy). Why Indu wants to distance from Karthik? How did Karthik solve the entire mess?

Values of the Movie Rabhasa: Telugu producers are following the safe minimum guarantee formula of entertaining the audience and Fans by selecting regular scripts with no innovative dimension. ‘Rabhasa’ falls into the same category of old pickled narrations with family emotions, heroism and comedy with Brahmanandam. Director cum screenplay writer Santosh Srinivas showed the same touch of ‘Kandireega’ by mixing the much needed Nandamuri heroism with family values. Overall, Santosh Srinivas penned some catchy mass one-liner punches to woo NTR Fans and also connected betterly with family public using soft sentiment filled lines. Of course, he has done all this without missing the entertainment. Shyam K Naidu has yet again showed the mark of elevating the look of his heroes. In recent times, Tarak never looked as handsome as what we enjoy here. Kotagiri Venkateshwara Rao’s editing is just average. SS Thaman’s tunes are although regular; NTR’s dances exemplified the overall feel. Re-recording is quire routine. Hats Off to Bellamkonda Suresh for sustaining the grandeur throughout. 

Junior NTR is the show stealer and he excelled in every department. May it be looks wise or dances or stunts or emotions or fun or emotion, he stood as the big and key pillar for ‘Rabhasa.’ On glamour part, Samanta offered a treat exposing a bit of skin in songs. Her chemistry with Tarak worked well. Coming to Pranitha, one should feel pity for snappy ending. Brahmi proved his worth as Raju pouring bundles of laughter in second half. Without Brahmi, surely second half would have been impalement. He blew O2 to second half. Jayasudha is wasted. Sayaji Shinde, Naazar are traditional. Nagineedu, Jaya Prakash Reddy did well while Ajay, Ali, Raghu Babu and others have struck to their unimportant roles.

Out of the Movie Rabhasa: The way Santosh Srinivas handled the first half with time pass execution driven by smooth movement in story, I expected ‘Rabhasa’ to be a sure shot blockbuster for NTR which he is waiting since a long. The graph falls down impeccably in second half with sluggish narration and unnecessary fights spoiling the output in total. Except Brahmi, there is nothing worthwhile to mention. One would seriously doubt on why Santosh Srinivas added those many number of action scenes when he can contract with other shades of NTR. The predictable screenplay may not be liked even by average moviegoer who is vexed of this Kona-Gopi-Vytla format. Without coming of this vicious trap, Santosh Srinivas has also stepped into their same shoes. 

If interpreting the movie from only Tarak’s point of view, he has a safe film on hand. After facing humiliating flops, this is a far better film but undeniably, he can do far far far far more super films than these million times beaten mix masalas. If Young Tiger has to get up in the ladder of Tollywood top league, he has to roar like a thunder which is not the case with ‘Rabhasa.’ BO wise, the short shelf life period of ‘Rabhasa’ might save Bellamkonda.

Cinejosh Verdict of Rabhasa: Not Up To NTR Stamina.

                                                     Cinejosh Rating: 3/5

                                                                                                 Reviewed by Srivaas

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