Raakshasa Kaavyam Review

Raakshasa Kaavyam Review
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Director: Sriman Keerthi
Producer: Damu Reddy
Release Date: Fri 13th Oct 2023
Actors: Abhay Bethiganti, Kushalini Pulapa, Anvesh Michael, Rohini Aretty, Dayanand Reddy, Pawon Ramesh etc
Raakshasa Kaavyam Movie Rating: 2 / 5
Punchline: Raakshasa Kaavyam - Immature Demon !

Raakshasa Kaavyam (2023) Movie: What's Behind

Raakshasa Kaavyam, scheduled for release on the 13th of October 2023, has been generating considerable buzz and excitement among the audience. The interest levels have surged, thanks to the enticing teasers and trailers that have been unveiled. Under the direction of Sriman Keerthi, this film features a talented cast with Abhay Bethiganti and Anvesh Michael at the forefront.

As the release date draws near, movie enthusiasts eagerly anticipate what Raakshasa Kaavyam has in store for them. The intrigue and anticipation surrounding this film have set the stage for an exciting cinematic experience, and the audience is keen to discover what it has to offer.

Raakshasa Kaavyam (2023) Film: Story Review

Raakshasa Kaavyam is a compelling story that sheds light on the plight of a struggling family, profoundly affected by the presence of an alcoholic father. The narrative takes a dramatic turn when Teja (Pawon Ramesh), an Engineering Student, finds himself in a challenging situation on the eve of his important exam. Stranded on a desolate road, his fate collides with that of Ajay (Abhay Bethiganti).

As the story unfolds, Teja's life takes an unexpected twist when he becomes ensnared by Ajay and his companions. Just when he is on the brink of breaking free from Ajay's clutches, he is captured by Vijay (Anvesh Michael). The intriguing connection between Ajay and Vijay becomes a pivotal element in the narrative, leaving audiences on the edge of their seats, eager to uncover the secrets that bind these characters.

Additionally, the roles played by Bhikshapathi (Dayanand Reddy), Kousalya (Rohini Aretty), and Padma (Kushalini) are central to the unfolding events, adding complexity and depth to the storyline.

Raakshasa Kaavyam weaves a suspenseful tale of interlinked destinies, where the characters' actions and motivations drive the story forward, making it an engaging and thought-provoking cinematic experience.

Raakshasa Kaavyam Movie: Artists Review

Abhay Bethiganti delivered a commendable performance in his role, displaying a range of emotions, from his anger towards his father to his interactions with underprivileged children. His intense body language and expressive portrayal made his character come to life on screen.

Anvesh Michael's performance not only matched Abhay's but at times even surpassed it. His distinctive mannerisms and thought-provoking dialogue about the hero-worship culture in society left a lasting impact. Anvesh's ability to adapt to different appearances and deliver his lines effectively contributed to the overall depth of his character.

Rohini Aretty's portrayal of a caring and suffering mother emphasizing the value of education was emotionally resonant. She convincingly conveyed her character's emotions and struggles.

Kushalini, while having limited scope to showcase her acting talent, performed adequately in her role.

Dayanand Reddy stood out with his remarkable performance as Bhikshapathi, the father of Ajay and Vijay. His menacing and cunning expressions left a powerful impact on the big screen, adding depth to his character.

Pawon Ramesh portrayed the role of an innocent and fearful student convincingly, and his performance was well-executed.

The rest of the cast played their respective roles effectively, contributing to the overall cohesiveness of the film.

Raakshasa Kaavyam Movie: Technicians Review

Raakshasa Rajyam, penned by Sriman Keerthi, draws its inspiration from the intriguing tale of Jaya-Vijaya in Lord Vishnu's Vaikuntham as described in Hindu Scriptures. Keerthi's imagination takes us on a unique journey, envisioning what would happen if Jaya and Vijaya, who were cursed by sages in the mythological narratives, were reborn in the 90s and 2000s. In the scriptures, Lord Vishnu takes birth to vanquish the malevolent Jaya-Vijaya, but in this reinterpretation, they seem to be architects of their own destructive path.

The premise of the story is intriguing, with both Ajay and Vijay emerging as the reincarnations of Jaya-Vijaya, and both indulging in criminal activities. However, the challenge lies in connecting with the characters: some viewers may empathize with Vijay, while others may relate to Ajay, and some may find it hard to connect with either, which becomes a notable drawback.

While Ajay's motivations for criminal behavior are somewhat justified, Vijay's reasons appear somewhat contrived and out of sync. The narrative predominantly revolves around the crimes committed by Ajay and Vijay, as well as their alcoholic father, Bhikshapathi. After a promising start, the director's grip on the story wanes due to a few unnecessary scenes. Interest levels pick up only at the interval. Unfortunately, the second half fails to sustain this momentum, and the story unfolds predictably, leading to a climax that lacks surprise.

Sriman Keerthi's story, while holding potential, is executed with an average screenplay and direction. The film's editing, done by Gandhi Nadikudikar, leaves room for improvement, with noticeable repetitions and drags in both halves. On a brighter note, Rushi Konapuram's cinematography is commendable, as it effectively captures the emotional nuances of the characters with well-chosen camera angles.

The background music by Srikant Muttupuri and Rajeev Raj contributes positively to the film, enhancing its overall impact. The production values meet the standard, adding to the film's visual appeal.

In summary, Raakshasa Rajyam presents an intriguing concept but falls short in its execution, struggling to maintain interest throughout the narrative. While there are some bright spots in the technical aspects, it leaves room for improvement in terms of storytelling and pacing.

Raakshasa Kaavyam: Advantages

  • Interesting Plot
  • Abhay Bethiganti, Anvesh Michael
  • BGM

Raakshasa Kaavyam: Disadvantages

  • Confusing and Convulted screenplay
  • Repetitive Scenes

Raakshasa Kaavyam Movie: Rating Analysis

Altogether, Raakshasa Kaavyam is a crime story that, unfortunately, takes a confusing turn. While Abhay Bethiganti and Anvesh Michael deliver spirited performances, the film's potential is hindered by director Sriman Keerthi's perplexing and disjointed screenplay. Some adjustments to the script could have significantly elevated the viewer's engagement with the story. Taking all these aspects into account, Cinejosh assigns a rating of 2 to Raakshasa Kaavyam.

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