Raajahyogam Review

Raajahyogam Review
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Director: Ram Ganapathi
Producer: Mani Lakshman Rao
Release Date: Fri 30th Dec 2022
Actors: Sai Ronak, Ankita Saha, Bismi Naas, Ajay Ghosh, Praveen, Shakalaka Shankar etc
Raajahyogam Movie Rating: 1 / 5
Punchline: Raajahyogam - Rotten Rogam

Raajahyogam Movie : What's Behind

Sai Ronak, Ankita Saha's Raajahyogam directed by Ram Ganapathi hogged the media limelight with the presence of numerous comedians. The film hit the screens today on 30 December 2022. The film's OTT partner will be announced later. Let us see what it offered to movie lovers.

Raajahyogam : Story Review

Raajahyogam's story is all about true love and how money and status affect it. Rishi (Sai Ronak), a mechanic falls for beautiful girl Sree (Ankita Saha) and goes to any extent to win her heart. When both are enjoying a no-holds-barred romance, he gets to know the real nature of Sree. Where this leads to, how their relationship gets affected vis a vis Aishwarya (Bismi Naas), Trumpu (Tagubotu Ramesh), Jumpu (Shakalaka Shankar), Karan (Praveen) Bhadram (Bhadram) from the rest of developments.

Raajahyogam : Artists Review

Sai Ronak starred in many films and he played the typical role of a youngster who gets attracted to the looks of a girl before realizing her motive. He is ok in his role. He should work hard to improve his performance, body language, expressions, and emotions. It seems he just passed through the motions.

Ankita Saha made full use of the opportunity to cross all the limits and flaunt her curves throughout the length of her character. She got nothing much to do but seduce each and every man she comes across. She exposed her assets in a shocking manner. Another heroine Bismi Naas failed to make an impression. She just stood in front of the camera but is at her loss on how to express or present herself. She got limited scope to perform.

There are many actors like Ajay Ghosh, Praveen, Giri, Badram,  Shakalaka Shankar, Taagubotu Ramesh, Chitram Srinu, Sijju, Madhunandhan but none of them failed to entertain. The less we talk about the performances of the cast, the better it is.

Raajahyogam : Technicians Review

Raajahyogam's story readied by Ram Ganapati offered nothing new. The story in the backdrop of gangs fighting for a diamond and a love story embedded in it, romance, deceit, etc with hilarious scenes are seen in many hit films. Ram Ganapati planned to score a hit creating a laughing riot. Though the idea is right, he failed completely as right from the start till the finish, there is not even a single scene that evokes laughter. Ram Ganapati failed with his story, screenplay, and direction, and within minutes of the narration, viewers will be running for cover. They look for excuses to escape as they do not know what hit them. Family viewers put up a helpless faces. The narration drags and proceeds at a snail's pace and while watching the film one gets a feeling that even 80s serials would have been far better than Raajayogam. People are left cursing their fate and the entire blame lies with Ram Ganapati and dialogue writer Chintapalli Ramana.

Karthika Srinivas' editing left a lot to be desired. He couldn't be faulted as had he been sincere, there wouldn't have been any film. Vijay C Kumar's cinematography is just average. The background music of Paul Praveen is nothing to rave about. Arul Muraleedharan's music is fine. A couple of songs are foot-tapping and youthful and they are shot well. Production values of Shree Navabala Creations and Vaishnavi Nataraj Productions are below standards.

Raajahyogam : Advantages

  • Numerous Comedians
  • Ankita Saha Skin Show

Raajahyogam : Disadvantages

  • Story, Screenplay, Direction
  • Editing
  • Cheap Comedy
  • Obscenity to the core

Raajahyogam : Rating Analysis

Altogether, Title Raajahyogam featuring Sai Ronak and directed by Ram Ganpathi sent positive signals of that of a hilarious entertainer. But with in minutes, viewers are proven wrong, as Ram Ganpati did not come up with any real story to talk about. Dialogues are so vulgar and obscene and not only family viewers, everyone will hang their heads in shame. The way they concentrated on exposing the lead heroine, brought back memories of Ram Gopal Varma at his worst. In one song they crossed all the limits and this showed the cheap mentality of the filmmakers. While there is one set of talented filmmakers in Tollywood who crave creativity and take Tollywood to international standards, there is another set of filmmakers who believe only in obscenity as the shortcut to success. But they little realize that viewers will outright reject their cheap taste and product. Right-thinking movie lovers are left to wonder if this is what they get trained in film institutes and schools. There is no purpose in the making of Rajayogam except to showcase their perversion and penchant for obscenity on the big screen. The makers of Raajahyogam in fact insulted the entire industry by coming out with such a substandard and mediocre film. In fact, these types of films shouldn't be encouraged and it is below dignity to give a rating for such films. Finally Raajahyogam is a rot. Considering all these aspects, Cinejosh goes with a 1 Rating for Raajahyogam.

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