Pushpaka Vimanam Review

Pushpaka Vimanam Review
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Director: Damodara
Producer: Govardhana Rao Deverakonda,Vijay Mattapally,Pradee
Release Date: Fri 12th Nov 2021
Actors: Anand Deverakonda
Pushpaka Vimanam Rating: 2.25 / 5
Pushpaka Vimanam Punchline: Takeoff Problem

What's Behind

Anand Devarakonda's Pushpaka Vimanam directed by Damodara generated immense hype ahead of its release as the film happens to be Vijay Devarakonda's brother and Rowdy Star himself promoted the film leaving no stone unturned. The promotions appealed to movie lovers and let us find out what Pushpaka Vimanam offered to movie lovers with its release today.

Story Review

A government school teacher Chittilanka Sunder (Anand Devarakonda) enters into wedlock with Meenakshi (Geeth Saini) and plans for his honeymoon. However even before he could introduce his wife Meenakshi to his friends, colleagues, and neighbors, he gets a huge shock, when she suddenly disappears leaving a note. Sunder from then on tries to hide this fact and in order to do so seeks the help of Rekha (Saanve Megghana). However more shocks are in store for him and to find out those shocks and how his neighbor Hindolam (Harshavardhan), SI Rangam (Sunil) are connected to it, enjoy Pushpaka Vimanam on screen.

Artists, Technicians Review

Director Damodara on debut came with a simile and interesting plot and tried to attract movie lovers. He emerged successful with the film's promotions. The narration starts off interestingly with a newlywed youngster finding his wife missing and he trying to keep his reputation intact by hiding this fact from everyone. He tried to generate fun through various scenes but did not turn out to be successful. At the same moment, he tried to include twists and turns to thrill viewers but the haphazard narration and the slow pace and illogical scenes tested the patience of the viewers.

While the trailer raised expectations, Damodara offered something else and the entertainment elements which viewers expected went missing completely except for a couple of dialogues and scenes. Damodara failed with his screenplay and direction. Though at times a couple of scenes generated interest, the slow pace, narration, and irrelevant and illogical scenes played the spoilsport He tried to dabble with both comedy and thrilling elements and failed to do justice to either of them. He should have concentrated only on one aspect and had he concentrated on comedy as the name Pushpaka Vimanam signified in the trailer, the result would have been different.

Anand Devarakonda tried to be different by playing a role of a young husband whose wife deserts him in a couple of days. He tried hard to come with the right expressions and emotions. Despite his best efforts, he needs a long way to go to make an impression. Geeth Saini is ok in her role. She got limited screen presence but she did her part well. Saanve Megghana got a good role and she made her presence felt. She with her cute looks, variations in expressions and emotions, and dialogue delivery and accent attracted everyone.

Naresh performed in a role tailormade for him. Harshavardhan does a surprising role. Sunil as SI Rangam failed to make an impression. His interrogation scenes irritated the viewers. Others performed accordingly.

Mark Robin's BGM is average. Four music directors scored tunes for the songs but none of them failed to make an impression. Hestin Jose Joseph's cinematography is ok. Editing of Raviteja Girijala left a lot to be desired. Production values are ok.


Sanvee Megghana

A couple of comedy scenes



Slow pace

Screenplay, Direction

Missing emotions

Rating Analysis

Damodara on debut tried to attract viewers with Pushpaka Vimanam, offering entertainment to the core as promised in the trailer. However, he failed completely and missed connecting chords with the viewers. Except for a few comedy scenes, predictable narration, routine twists, slow pace affected the film. Damodara 's Pushpaka Vimanam fails to take off either through comedy or suspense. Considering these points, CJ goes with a 2.25 rating for Pushpaka Vimanam.


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