Puli Meka Web Series Review

Puli Meka Web Series Review
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Director: Chakravarthy Reddy
Producer: Kona Venkat
Release Date: Fri 24th Feb 2023
Actors: Aadi Saikumar, Lavanya Tripathi, Suman, Raja Chembolu, Goparaju Ramana, Spandana Palli and others
Puli Meka Movie Rating: 2 / 5
Punchline: Puli Meka - No Thrill, Only Toil

Puli Meka (2023) Web Series : What's Behind

Aadi Saikumar who has been lining up numerous entertainers on the big screen in his quest to reach the next level of stardom, this time decided to make his debut on OTT. He starred in a webseries titled Puli Meka and teamed with Lavanya Tripathi as the female lead. She is also making her debut in a webseries which is streaming on Zee 5 from 24 February 2023. Let us find out whether Puli Meka thrilled movie lovers or not.

Puli Meka Web Series : Story Review

Puli Meka story is about how an intelligent female officer nabs the serial killer who is on the run and who is creating terror in the city. Police Commissioner Anurag Narayan (Suman) ropes in IPS officer Kiran Prabha (Lavanya Tripathi) who is known to solve tough cases like child trafficking and school children kidnapping in Warangal and nabbing the serial killer in Karimnagar within 48 hours. He assigns her the task of catching the dreaded serial killer who has been targeting police in the city of Hyderabad.

Where this leads to, whether Kiran Prabha is able to nab the serial killer who is on the run for murdering three police officers and a government doctor, what role forensic team head Prabhakar (Aadi Saikumar), Pallavi (Siri Hanumantu) and Karunakar Sharma (Raja Chembolu) played should be found out watching the 8 episode webseries.

Puli Meka OTT Series : Artists Review

Lavanya Tripathi got a chance to done different get-ups and enact high-octane action sequences. She did well in the role of the police officer. Most of the time, she did not done the khaki colors. Aadi Saikumar played the role of a forensic expert with ease. Aadi Saikumar's role offered nothing new and he just passed through the motions.The chemistry between Lavanya Tripathi and Aadi Saikumar is missing.

Siri Hanumantu is good but she got a very limited role and Raja Chembolu surprises with his performance. Others like Suman, Goparaju Ramana, Spandana Palli, Srinivas, Avinash Mukku, Mayank performed according to their roles.

Puli Meka OTT Series : Technicians Review

Puli Meka story penned by Kona Venkat and Venkatesh Kilaru is a crime thriller. Generally, writers and directors are getting attracted to webseries as they get more freedom to express their creativity. But Kona Venkat and Venkatesh Kilaru came up with a routine story with no real twists and turns. The only thing they must have opted for the webseries is because it is a female-oriented story.

Kona Venkat who never experimented with his films on the big screen, trod the same tried and tested commercial line for the webseries. Everything right from the start till the finish is filmed in a commercial angle and director Chakravarthy Reddy followed the same template. They have taken a lot of cinematic liberties and robbed viewers of all the twists by revealing the major surprise in the fourth episode itself.

Praveen Lakkaraju's music is just ok. The background score is average. Dialogues are average. The Cinematography of Ram K Prakash is good. Chota K Prasad's editing left many lags. Production values are fine.

Puli Meka : Advantages

  • A couple of episodes

Puli Meka : Disadvantages

  • Illogical Scenes
  • Predictable Narration
  • Missing Emotions

Puli Meka Web Series : Rating Analysis

Altogether, Puli Meka webseries turned out to be a routine thriller with no real twists and turns. Kona Venkat's story is below average and the scenes missed the emotional bonding. Even the romantic track between Lavanya Tripathi and Aadi Saikumar failed to connect chords. The relationship episode involving Aadi Saikumar failed to take off as they turned out to be extremely boring despite his sincere effort. Siri Hanumantu's scenes lacked novelty. The climax part is hurried and that too it is shot only to give the lead to the second season. The 8 episodes each with a duration of 30 minutes tested the patience of the viewers with silly narration and execution. Considering all these elements Cinejosh goes with a 2 Rating for Puli Meka.

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