PSV Garuda Vega Review

PSV Garuda Vega Review
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Director: Praveen Sattaru
Producer: Koteshwar Raju
Release Date: Fri 03rd Nov 2017
Actors: Rajasekhar
PSV Garuda Vega Rating: 2.75 / 5
PSV Garuda Vega Punchline: Mission Half Accomplished

PSV Garuda Vega Review, What’s Behind:

Angry hero Rajasekhar’s comeback film PSV Garuda Vega has hit the screens today. Touted to be an edge of the seat action thriller in Praveen Sattaru direction, the film has been made with lots of efforts with an International backdrop. Let us see, how far the film is worth to be called a comeback for Rajasekhar?

PSV Garuda Vega Story Review:

Chandrasekhar (Rajasekhar) is an officer at National Investigation Agency (NIA). Dedicated to his boss (Naazar) and job, Chandrasekhar’s married life is on verge of collapse. During this point of time, Chandrasekhar comes across a suspicious murder and illegal weapons case which has roots linked to Nuclear Fuel viz. Plutonium and Thorium reserves, mining in Andhra Pradesh with top political, bureaucratic brass of State and Central Governments involved. With the help of hacker Niranjan reddy (Adith Arun) and officers at NIA, how an ordinary man Chandrasekhar cracked an International conspiracy is rest of the mission.

PSV Garuda Vega Artists, Technicians Review:

Unlike our Telugu directors who restrict and master their skills to one particular genre, Praveen Sattaru is proving versatile with each of his projects. After Chandamama Kathalu and Guntur Talkies, this is altogether a different action outing inspired majorly from Hollywood standards. Sattaru’s mark is profusely felt in detailed screenplay and mammoth action episodes shot on quality standards. Central story element is though concealed till late hour, unmasking the case layer by layer took audience on a thrill ride. Selection of locations or vivacious presentation of the same on screen displayed his directorial efforts.

When there’s less of story and more of mystery around plot, it’s a challenge for any director to keep proceedings on momentum without being dragged. Sattaru kept interest and excitement of viewers in tact which makes him an intelligent writer and film maker too.

A bunch of camera men served visual feast, especially the action episodes on dam, in old city backdrop and the Ocean structure in climax offered a new experience. Dharmendra Kakarala’s editing is highly professional yet there’s redundancy in second half. While Sricharan Pakala’s RR is pulsating, couple of songs from Bheems is just ok including Sunny Leone’s Deo Deo. Lastly, special applause to those stunt masters on job. Koteshwar Raju, Murali Srinivas production standards are top class and that’s a gutsy decision to bankroll such high budget and lavish scale.

About artists, Rajasekhar fits to the tee as NIA officer. His settled body language bought the much needed grace and believability into character. Never he went over board and also took physical strain in performing few risky stunts. At times, he appeared to have got a super human brain in finding the clues. Pooja Kumar’s wifely acts of censure against Rajasekhar may need some trimming. Adith Arun is handsome, had lengthy role with himself being central pivot. Naazar, Posani and Sayaji Shinde are into their regular best. Kishore’s role is brief. NIA team members Ravi Varma, Charandeep were decent. Prudhvi Raj’s comedy was a foolish misfit.      

PSV Garuda Vega Review Advantages:

Action Screenplay
Camera Work
First Half

PSV Garuda Vega Review Drawbacks:

Second Half
High Level Technical Jargon
Villain Track

PSV Garuda Vega Review Rating Analysis:

The genre of action thriller by itself had constraints with respect to connectivity on Telugu audience. When there’s an International issue and countries like USA, North Korea pulled into the Garuda Vega plot, obviously non-believability and cinematic liberties creep in dominating the basic Telugu flavor. Yet, Sattaru’s blood and sweat injected into the making keep us chained.

Opening Garuda Vega in Darjeeling location, upright from first go Sattaru is clear that this film is not a regular fare. Adith Arun’s character abnormally suggests a conspiracy and titles roll. Rajasekhar, Pooja Rao family episodes with Ali are easily irritating. First mission of cracking the drugs mafia in a massive bridge backdrop is extra ordinarily shot. Every clue Rajasekhar from here on breaks is compellingly handled. Bomb plot in Charminar and the way NIA team decodes is spellbound as we reach the interval mark.

Into second half, Adith Arun and Rajasekhar’s confrontation blocks were feeble. From the moment main villain track is annexed and Adith Arun’s 25 Crores are transferred, Garuda Vega spirals into a beaten to death Telugu cinema fare of state, central politics with ruling and opposition formulae. Rajasekhar, Adith Arun’s accident or follow up scenes in hilly forest or brothel setup and Sunny Leone special song are pretty ordinary stuff. When something exceptional above the first half is expected, Sattaru takes us to nuclear subject referring to a pale villain in Kishore and a weak climax in terrific mid sea location.

All in all, PSV Garuda Vega has a superb first half and frail second half. Sattaru left his novel mission mid way at first half as latter part was more invariably ritualistic. Rajasekhar and Sattaru’s efforts make the film worth a watch once. Commercial success depends more on how B, C class audience accept and understand this technically high-funda language. CJ rates PSV Garuda Vega with 2.75 stars and undoubtedly a decent comeback for Rajasekhar.

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