Priyudu Movie Review

Priyudu Movie Review
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Behind the Movie Priyudu: Lover boy Varun Sandesh is back with this romantic film which also has debutant Preetika Rao as heroine and director Sravan leading the team. With low hype, movie had a simple release today. Let us see, how pretty is this ‘Priyudu’?

In the Movie Priyudu: Youngster Karthik (Varun Sandesh) is a go lucky dude who assumes that being in love is waste of time and believes that life fills up with full of sacrifices, adjustments. So, he stays away from love and his father (Naazar)’s business enjoying time with friends partying. On the other side, we have Madhu Latha (Preetika Rao) who strongly trusts in any form of love, as her parents (Kasi Vishwanath, Surekha) are a lovely couple.

It’s time for Karthik and Madhu Latha to meet accidentally. After initial hiccups, Madhu falls deeply in love with Karthik while he does not have any such feelings for her. When forced by his father, Karthik agrees to marry Madhu while this innocent girl still assumes that Karthik loves her. In order to keep Madhu away from his life, Karthik ropes in Vara Prasad (Ranadhir), the one side lover who deeply adores Madhu from her college days.

Karthik’s plan is to make Madhu fall in love with Vara Prasad. As time passes on, slowly Karthik starts feeling the warmth in Madhu’s love while she distances away from him. What kind of twists and turns took place in lives of these three forms the climax?

Values of the Movie Priyudu: Basic concept conceived by director Shravan is ‘Sacrificing Love for Love.’ Some how, narration turned confusing for audience with unnecessary U-turns. A story that required plain execution is made complex. Dialogues were good partly. Cinematography of Malhar Bahtt is good work while Editing by Marthand baffled many times. Music by Mohan Jona is good for two to three songs. Production values of Uday Kiran and UK Avenues are above average.

Performance wise, Varun Sandesh looked confident both as fun loving boy in first half transformed to real lover in second half. Preetika Rao is cute with no camera fear. She has got a debut character with full of performance orientation and she did well. Ranadhir is refreshing with his innocent mannerisms. Of the remaining Naazar, Kota, Pratibha, Kasi Vishwanath, Surekha were good. Comedy between Ali and Vennela Kishore got some splits.

Out of the Movie Priyudu: Analyzed from concept point of view, Priyudu could have been a decent entertainer although made with run off the mill story. The way project is executed by Shravan with paced narration in entertaining first half could not be concealed in second half. There was no excitement factor in narration as characters behave on expected lines with clouded treatment. By the time climax is reached, overt melodrama brought the fatigue.

Scenes drafted between Madhu and Vara Prasad with sketches executed by Karthik are presented with new feel. That is where first half is made a worthy entertainer. Crucial episode where Karthik starts grasping the love of Madhu for first time is amateurishly dealt by Sravan. He could not make audience rely or accept the change over in hero’s characterization. Couple of songs looked fresh both in tunes and picturization. Presence of Swetha Basu Prasad in a tiny role made no difference. Overall, ‘Priyudu’ is neither a total disappointment nor a total pleasure to watch. Commercial work out of the film is to be wait and seen as we have big flicks like ‘Panjaa’ coming in next weeks.

Cinejosh Verdict of the Movie Priyudu: Cute Love Story with Confusing Narration.

                                                                                              Reviewed by Srivaas

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