Priyatama Neevachata Kusalama Review

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Priyatama Neevachata Kusalama Review
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Behind the Movie Priyatama Neevachata Kusalama: Director Trinadh Rao Nakkina proved his talent with debut film of 'Mem Vayasuku Vachcham.' He is now continued to the second project with Varun Sandesh, Haasika and Komal Jha while Sai Karthik's musical score got good response. Let us see, how far we are in for a safe viewing with this film?

In the Movie Priyatama Neevachata Kusalama: In story terms, we start in Rajahmundry with tapori batch of Varun (Varuntej) enjoying their teenage. Though mischevious, Varun is dedicated in his one-sided love for Preeti (Haasika). After too many proposals in two years, finally Preeti accepts Varun's sincerity but they get an usual rejection from Preeti's dad Rao (Rao Ramesh). With no other options left, Preeti decided to give a final shock to elopement plan sketched by Varun which leaves the young guy go in deep depression. 

At a moment when Varun develops aversion towards life thus enters Kundana (Komal Jha) to bring him back on track. This time Kundana gets close to Varun and proposes only to face a rejection. Problems creep into Varun's life yet again when he accepts Kundana. How is Preeti connected to this entire episode? When and where did differences pop-up between Varun and Kundana? What happened in climax and whom Varun has finally accepted? All these form the rest.

Values & Out of the Movie Priyatama Neevachata Kusalama: Major strength of the film lies in scripting of Trinadh Rao used for second half. For audience who feel disappointed on weak first half when comapred to director's standards as seen in the debut flick, PNK offers freshness in second half. Narration runs a little unpredictable keeping viewer on toes. Chitti Babu's camera work is also very decent. Praveen Pudi's editing has several lagging moments to spoil the viewing experience else PNK could have been a hit product. Ofcourse director Trinadh Rao also has to take the blame for showing poor skills in his story and screenplay departments. Sai Karthik's music gels well with romantic flavor and songs are infact well picturised. Production values of Sambasiva Rao and Sudha Movies are also praiseworthy.

Performance wise, this is definitely a better film for Varun Sandesh on all fronts relative to all the dud projects and duddest acting skills he has shown in recent times. As the central character for bearing the pain and expressing the joy, there are two contrasting shades and Varun has well portrayed them. Next to speak about is Komal Jha. Although she is poor on looks but did an average job in showing emotions in this very debut flick. Haasika is niether nice nor spice as what we have seen in 'Bus Stop.' With crucial scenes shot on her for second half, the justice is done. Of the remaining Rao Ramesh, Subhalekha Sudhakar, Pragathi, Ahuti Prasad etc struck to their basics. 

When many directors struggle to cross their 'Dwithiya Vighnam,' here comes Trinadh Rao Nakkina with a fast pace after 'Mem Vayasuku Vachcham' brought him the needed name and fame. Unfortunately, the originality seen in his first film misses now in this second. Although there are good moments to appreciate, a badly shaped first half kept the result unsafe. With silly instances and forcibly injected elements, PNK is neither a complete let down nor a full value for your money. 

If Varun Sandesh has some positives to relish, Trinadh Rao seen as the specialist director for youthful romantic concepts close to current generation's mindset has lost sharpness in his focus. That is why, PNK ends on a below average note. Commercially, this project may not have high chances to survive at BO because of new release 'Swamy Rara' rated as stylishly targeted at youth audience. When there is an option for viewers to select between two, you know what is going to happen.

Cinejosh Verdict of the Movie Priyatama Neevachata Kusalama: Unsafe Project for a Safe Director.

                                            Cinejosh Rating: 2.5/5

                                                                                                Reviewed by Srivaas

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