Prince Review

Prince Review
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Director: KV.Anudeep
Producer: Suniel Narang,D. Suresh Babu,Pushkar Ram Mohan Rao
Release Date: Fri 21st Oct 2022
Actors: Sivakarthikeyan
Prince Rating: 1.75 / 5
Prince Punchline: Relentless Torture

What's Behind

Sivakarthikeyan is on a high, scoring hit with dubbing films Varun Doctor and Don. When he teamed with KV.Anudeep of Jathi Ratnalu fame for a bilingual entertainer, and people for excited as it marks his debut in Tollywood. The film's OTT rights have been bagged by Disney+Hotstar and will be streamed after it completes its theatrical run. The film is releasing today October 21, 2022, and let us see what Sivakarthikeyan offered to Telugu viewers on debut.

Story Review

The story of Prince is about a youngster who faces problems due to restrictions in society in his village. Anand (Sivakarthikeyan), a social teacher gets a huge shock when the people in his village decide to get him banned. Why the villagers decided to get Anand banned and what is the connection between his father Vishwantham(Sathyaraj), and British girl Jessie (Maria Ryaboshapka) to these developments, form part of the developments in Prince's life.

Artists, Technicians Review

The Story of Prince penned by KV.Anudeep of Jathi Ratnalu fame is very simple and he believed in creating humor out of it and entertaining viewers and score a hit. Anudeep tried to recreate the magic he created with his film Jathi Ratnalu but he failed to do so. Anudeep is failing to realize that he cannot continue in the same vein and come up with the same old formula for all the films without any powerful story. He believed only in slapstick comedy which at times worked but most of the time it failed ending up irritating the viewers. Just for a few comedy scenes, people are in no mood to come out to theatres as there are many such scenes available on Youtube. The story of Prince turned out to be extremely weak and routine and from then on his screenplay and direction turned out to be pathetic making viewers run towards the exit doors in the theatres.

Sivakarthikeyan is known for his ease in acting. He did full justice to his role with his dialogue delivery and comedy timing. Satyaraj did full justice to the role of Sivakarthikeyan's father. The scenes involving Sivakarthikeyan and Satyaraj came out quite well. Ukrainian beauty, Maria Ryaboshapka looked beautiful on screen but she got limited opportunities to showcase her talent. Despite Sivakartikeyan and Satyaraj trying their best to carry the film on their shoulders and, Maria Ryaboshapka trying her best to keep viewers glued to the screen, their attempts failed due to lack of real story in the film. Lot of Tamil actors and flavor robbed Telugu movie lovers the cinematic experience. 

Thaman's music is ok and a couple of songs Bimbiiki Pilapi and Jessica are good. His background score made an impact. Manoj Paramahamsa's cinematography beautified the film with realistic visuals. Editing of Praveen left a lot to be desired but he cannot be blamed because had he used the scissors, there wouldn't have been any film.


  • Siva Karthikeyan
  • The climax to some extent


  • Story,Screenplay,Direction
  • Editing
  • Lackluster elements

Rating Analysis

Altogether, Sivakarthikeyan must have thought that he would conquer Tollywood by teaming with KV.Anudeep of Jathi Ratnalu fame after creating a market for himself with films like Varun Doctor and Don. But all his dreams came down crashing as KV. Anudeep instead of believing that a strong story and content are the recipe for success, doled out a silly story filled with scenes that are popular in comedy skits and youtube channels. With the atrocious story, senseless and spineless screenplay, and wayward direction, everything went awry. Altogether Prince turned out to be a novice. Considering all these aspects, Cinejosh goes with a 1.75 rating to Prince.

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