Prema Oka Maikam Review

Prema Oka Maikam Review
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Behind the Movie Prema Oka Maikam: Top heroine Charmi into the character of a call girl is enough for public to go wild in fantasies about this film directed by Chandu. Let us see, how fantastic is this fantasy love story?

In the Movie Prema Oka Maikam: Story begins with introduction of Mallika (Charmi) as a high class call girl happy with the profession of satisfying the customers for huge pay. Her contacts range from software engineers to doctors and even police. Mallika’s life takes a turn with a rash car accident to budding lyricist Lalith (Rahul). Felt pity, Mallika admits Lalith into hospital where he loses eye sight and should undergo eye transplantation. Once Mallika starts taking care off Lalith, she slowly gets attracted towards his literature and thoughts. One fine day, Mallika begins to read the diary of Lalith where in his love story with budding singer Swathi (Saranya) is written in detail. How Mallika helps Lalith and Swathi to unite is the rest. 

Values & Out of the Movie Prema Oka Maikam: An artistic love story which could have become a delicate play of emotions between three characters is ruined into an imperfect film with bad to worst work displayed from all the departments. There is not even a single point to quote in positive except one or two portions of Charmi. The very core point and flavor of the story is driven disordered. More pathetic was the performance from lead artists Rahul and Saranya. Scenes move one by one easily predictable and the way sleazy love story of Rahul’s friend is mixed into the story is a trespass by director and writer. Comedy portions forcibly added on Thagubothu Ramesh, Bamma, Rahul’s friends and RGV look alike failed to evoke laughter. 

Now, please do not ask about the screenplay. If there is one, I would have mentioned in the very start. Technically, the film is made on lowest of the standards with camerawork of Praveen K Bangari and editing by V Nagi Reddy unpardonable. Same applies to the music of Praveen and Posam. Production values were slightly better in the early episodes but they continue to fall low and low as we proceed on. 

Movies of this genre can work wonders if rightly scripted and well presented. But, there is no conviction either in development of characters or the way they progress. To be much more open, the making standards of TV serials are far better than this ‘Maikam.’ Into the length factor, movie runs for 145 minutes with dragged and dragged and dragged episodes without showing the end card. Right from the take off till the end, it is hard to find even one engaging scene to pat the director and his team for the efforts put in. So, the blame has to be taken entirely by one man army or captain of the ship Chandu. 

To me a bit suggestive, Charmi should rethink before accepting this kind of flicks else her sinking career cannot be rescued. I recommend a strict NO for audience. 

Cinejosh Verdict of the Movie Prema Oka Maikam: Sleep in Theatre Under this Maikam.

                                                         Cinejosh Rating: 1.5/5

                                                                                                    Reviewed by Srivaas

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