Prema Katha Chithram review

Prema Katha Chithram review
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Behind the Movie PKC: Director Maruthi is in full flow with back to back commercially successful projects while Sudheer Babu is proved to be a good hero with SMS. Teaming of these two with Nanditha and other crew members being from regular Maruthi camp, movie created a bit of curiosity. Let us see, what is this all about?

In the Movie PKC: Before the titles, story begins with murders in a remote farmhouse. Coming to present, three youngsters Sudheer (Sudheer Babu), Nandu (Nanditha) and Praveen (Praveen) failed in different areas of their lives decide to commit suicide and meet at a local Irani café where in they are joined by one more failure Giri (Giri). They also fix up the venue for group suicides as a remote farmhouse. In the process of this planning and fulfilling their last wishes, Nandu and Sudheer fall in love with influence and support from Praveen and Nandu. 

However, things change once Sudheer starts accepting Nandu’s love. While their suicide plan takes backseat, a haunting soul enters into Nandu’s body and begins to trouble the remaining three. What is the actual flashback of this farmhouse? How is the soul in Nandu connected to series of murders which happen during the start? All these form rest.

Values & Out of the Movie PKC: This is once again a collective team effort of Maruthi & his batch which seems to have become expert in catching the pulse of audience. With a giddy subject on hand, they are still able to roll out a safe product. Kudos to the excellence of entire technical team for injecting life into a pale storyline. Primarily, Prabhakar Reddy’s cinematography and JB’s re-recording, main musical score kept the excitement alive. In fact, they have maintained perfect contrasting moods when dealing with Thrills & Horror on one side and Romantic track on the other. Udhdhav’s editing could have been much better as few episodes look really dragged just to lengthen the movie. 

Performance wise its Nanditha, Praveen and Giri to score more than Sudheer Babu. Yes, the duck eyed cute girl Nanditha is a true performer. The way her behavior is changed in crucial scenes while frightening Sudheer Babu was just brilliant. Character of Sudheer Babu is underplayed and he hasn’t got big scope to perform except dancing on a music beat and punishing the goons in climax. In opposite, Praveen went on spilling energy with sheer comedy timing using the Godavari dialect. Same do applies with Giri. Scenes in their combination really worked in favor of film with huge laughter guaranteed. 

To be more specific, the way Praveen and Giri encounter devil in Nandu was a complete lift of Lawrence’s dealing of scenes in ‘Kanchana’ with a mix of comedy and horror. Let it be, who is questioning on originality these days. What audience asks for is a least dose of entertainment and Maruthi is promising to deliver it. On the lee side, Maruthi failed to completely come out of his double meaning dialogues which are frequently targeted in plenty of situations.   

In spite of few unnecessary scenes and rotten, illogical climax (why can’t the devil soul in Nandu enter into body of Sudheer Babu), PKC offers a one time watch satisfactory experience. As a film maker, Maruthi continues to cater the public on what they actually need? He seems to be redefining the terms of film making. Keep a bunch of minimum five to six good scenes in mind and you are ready with a successful product. He is in full swing with a dedicated and well efficient team on hand. Even if one fails, the other is ready to rescue. Good that Prabhakar Reddy bagged first victory with PKC. There are definite chances of PKC to commercially work equally good in A, B & C centers.

Cinejosh Verdict of the Movie PKC: Cocktail of Romance, Horror and Humor.

                                                   Cinejosh Rating: 3/5

                                                                                                     Reviewed by Srivaas

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