Prathyardhi Review

Prathyardhi Review
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Director: Shankar Mudavath
Producer: Sanjay Saha
Release Date: Fri 06th Jan 2023
Actors: Varma Adduri, Rohit Behal, Akshatha Sonawane, Neelima Pathakamesetti and others
Prathyardhi Movie Rating: 1 / 5
Punchline: Prathyardhi - Messy Mystery

Prathyardhi Movie : What's Behind

The first Friday of 2023, is starting with small films. Pratyarthi starring Ravi Varma is releasing on January 6,2023. The film's OTT partner is yet to be finalised. Prathyarthi trailer and teaser generated interest among movie lovers. Let us find out what Prathyarthi offered to movie lovers.

Prathyardhi Movie : Story Review

Prathyarthi's story is about a mysterious case of a missing person Vijay. SI Krishna Prasad (Ravi Varma) starts investigating a murder case in an apartment in Neelima Buildings, Hyderabad. He along with constable Satya (Vamsee Alore) tries to identify the suspects and find out the culprit. In the process, they find out some shocking developments. What are those shocking developments and how they are related to detective Mechanic Shiva (Rohit Behal) and his friends, Neelima (Akshata Sonawane) form the rest of the story?

Prathyardhi Movie : Artists Review

Ravi Varma performed well in the role of SI Krishna Prasad. He carried the film on his shoulders He suited for the role of SI and looked authoritative and commanding in his dialogue delivery and body language. He showed variations in his expressions and emotions. He turned out to be the livewire of the film.

Akshata Sonawane is ok the role of the detective. Rohit Behal played the important role of a mechanic but he came up with a single expression. He should work on his expressions to reach the next level. Balveer Singh made an impression in the role of hero's friend. Vamsee Alore got the important role of Satya and he got a good screen presence in the climax.

Thagubotu Ramesh for a change played an important role of advocate Rajasekhar and he did well. Thotapalli Madhu as a judge showed his command. Others like  Neelima Pathakamesetti, Sneha Guptha, and Sneha Namanandi are ok in their roles.

Prathyardhi Movie : Technicians Review

Pratyarthi story readied by Shakar Mudavath is good and interesting. He starts the narration in an interesting way but as the narration progresses he failed to maintain the interest levels. His screenplay and direction went awry and at times left many in confusion. In his attempt to thrill viewers, he messed up many things and this resulted in logics going for a toss. Even he failed to connect with the viewers emotionally.

The first half of the film is ok to some extent though there are many flaws in the investigation scenes. Into the second half emotional scenes, creep in and this dipped the pace of the film. The court scenes to some extent are ok but at times turned out to be loud. Once again the director missed the plot during the climax and in the process, the final output turned out to be half-baked.

Bheems's music is just ok but made a thumping impact with his background score. He elevated the scenes with his background music carrying the intensity levels. The editing of Rakesh Goud left many drags and repetitive scenes that impacted the tempo of the film. He also handled the cinematography and it is fine to a point. Dialogues are good but at times turned out to be average. The production values of Gaalu Paalu Dream Entertainments are good.

Prathyardhi Movie : Advantages

  • Ravi Varma
  • Few Twists
  • BGM
  • Cinematography

Prathyardhi Movie : Disadvantages

  • Missing Logics
  • Lack of emotional connect
  • Editing
  • Uneven screenplay

Prathyardhi Movie : Rating Analysis

Altogether, Ravi Varma and Shankar Mudavath with Pratyarthi tried to thrill viewers with a murder mystery. Though the idea is right they failed in their execution. The entire investigation turned out to be silly and only in the climax they tried to justify it according to their convenience. However, those who are used to watching gripping and interesting crime thrillers and even crime patrols will find it difficult to digest. The story is ok to some extent but the screenplay and direction left a lot to be desired. On a Whole, Pratyarthi who came up with the tagline Guess The Rival in first place failed to identify its strength. Considering all these elements, Cinejosh goes with a 1 Rating for Prathyarthi.

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