Prasanna Vadanam Review

Prasanna Vadanam Review
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Director: Arjun YK
Producer: Manikanta JS, Reddy Prasad TR
Release Date: Fri 03rd May 2024
Actors: Suhas, Payal Radhakrishna, Rashi Singh, Viva Harsha, Nitin Prasanna, Sai Swetha, Kushalini and others
Prasanna Vadanam Movie Rating: 2.75 / 5
Punchline: Prasanna Vadanam - Decent Vadanam !

Prasanna Vadanam (2024): What's Behind

Suhas, renowned for his versatile performances, joins forces with Arjun YK, a protégé of Sukumar, for the much-anticipated film Prasanna Vadanam. The film's core point of face blindness draws attention of the audiences along with intriguing teaser and trailer also have heightened anticipation among audiences. The unique promotional material also helped in building buzz around the film. 'Prasanna Vadanam' hits the big screens on May 3rd. Let's delve into Suhas's performance in Prasanna Vadanam and witness how he captivates us on the silver screen.

Prasanna Vadanam (2024) Movie: Story Review

Prasanna Vadanam story is about a radio jockey who suffers from a unique disorder and how he comes out of the problems when faced with difficult circumstances. Surya (Suhas), a radio jockey, has managed to find happiness despite losing his parents early in life. However, his life takes a perilous turn when he becomes embroiled in a dangerous situation. The unfolding events and his subsequent escape from this predicament, along with the roles played by Adya (Payal Radhakrishna), his friend Vignesh (Viva Harsha), and ACP Vaidehi (Rashi Singh), are central to the story. Additionally, the film delves into the mystery surrounding Surya's condition, Prosopagnosia, adding depth to the narrative.

Suhas' Prasanna Vadanam: Artists Review

Suhas delivers a stellar performance portraying a character afflicted with a rare disorder, face blindness, struggling to recognize even the voices of those around him. His expressions, emotions, dialogue delivery, and mannerisms are exceptionally executed, bringing depth and authenticity to his role. His role feels fresh as we saw him for the first time in this kind of role.  Suhas effectively conveys the pain and agony of his character through his eyes, adding a poignant layer to his performance. He strikes a perfect balance between comedy and playing emotions.

Payal Radhakrishna delivers a decent performance, effectively portraying her character. She manages to leave a mark with her portrayal, fitting well into her role. Scenes between Suhas and Payal provide comic relief. Rashi Singh shines in her portrayal of the ACP, stealing the show with her impeccable mannerisms and dialogue delivery, which elevate the scenes she is in. She is apt choice for the role.

Viva Harsha and Nandu deliver commendable performances, adding to the overall effectiveness of the cast. Nithin Prasanna impresses with his impactful presence. He played a crucial role in the film and left an impression.  The rest of the cast performs admirably, staying true to their respective roles and contributing effectively to the narrative.

Prasanna Vadanam Telugu Movie: Technicians Review

Arjun YK's Prasanna Vadanam delves into the thriller genre with a unique twist, exploring the concept of face blindness, a theme unprecedented in Tollywood. This novel premise immediately captured the interest of movie enthusiasts. However, Arjun YK adopts a deliberate pace in the first half, focusing on developing the characters, particularly Suhas and his friends, as well as delving into his romantic relationship and the nuances of his rare disorder. It is only at the interval that the plot thickens, igniting curiosity as Suhas finds himself embroiled in a mysterious situation.

The interval twist takes everyone by surprise as the central plot point is unveiled. The narrative then unfolds to depict how Suhas navigates his way out of the predicament. Arjun YK's storytelling keeps audiences engaged, as he reveals the entire plot to the viewers while Suhas remains unaware of the real culprit, providing a unique viewing experience. Even though the flashback portions itself reveals the true killer, the gripping narrative drives the climax twist adds to the intrigue, although some may find the inconclusive ending a bit disappointing. Overall, the screenplay is commendable, and the direction is precise, albeit with a few minor shortcomings.

Vijay Bulganin's songs fail to leave a lasting impression, but he compensates for this with breathtaking background music, especially in the second half, which enhances the viewing experience and immerses viewers further into the story. Karthika Srinivas's editing is adequate but could have been smoother, as there are instances of drag that hinder the film's pace. S. Chandrasekharan's cinematography is praiseworthy, with rich visuals that enhance the overall aesthetic. The production values are high, maintaining a standard of excellence throughout the film.

Prasanna Vadanam: Advantages

  • Concept
  • Suhas, Rashi Singh
  • Twists
  • BGM

Prasanna Vadanam: Disadvantages

  • Few Confusing Scenes
  • Editing

Prasanna Vadanam Movie: Rating Analysis

Altogether, Prasanna Vadanam emerges as a compelling edge-of-the-seat thriller. Arjun YK, mentored by Sukumar, introduces an intriguing concept and extracts a stellar performance from Suhas. Even though we have seen thrillers where the hero fights with a medical condition, the way the narration moves forward with a couple of unexpected twists and a gripping screenplay, Arjun YK succeeds in keeping viewers captivated throughout. Taking all these aspects into consideration, Cinejosh awards Prasanna Vadanam a rating of 2.75.

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