Potugadu Review

Potugadu Review
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Behind the Movie Potugadu: The energy in Manchu Manoj needs to be rightly and positively handled will be the inference of many those who enjoy him as an artist. At a do-or-die phase of career, Manoj got a proved subject on hand and Pawan Wadeyar, Lagadapati Sirisha Sridhar believed in the combination. Let us see, how good and how great is this ‘Potugadu’?

In the Movie Potugadu: Story begins with Govindu (Manchu Manoj) taking the blessings of Lord Vinayaka before going for a suicide. At the point of suicide, Govindu meets love failure software engineer Venkat (Posani), who too wanted to end the life for getting cheated in the hands of girlfriend. Here starts Govindu narrating the four turn-key romantic and life changing episodes in his youth and colorful life. One with Brahmin girl Vaidehi (Simran Kaur Mundi), second with Muslim hot babe Mumtaz (Sakshi Chowdary), third with foreign babe Stacy (Rachel) and finally, the fourth one Mary (Anu Priya). What is the real reason behind Govindu affording his life? Who is the girl, Govindu really loved? What was his actual intentions behind each break-up? All these joined together with a good pre-climax is what ‘Potugadu’ is all about.

Values of the Movie Potugadu: For any subject, a perfect screenplay and rational direction will drive the interest of audience all along. Debutant Pawan Wadeyar has done the same here by assembling four different yet simple plots into one big plot. His narrational style and execution of plot was clear and confident. Sreedhar Seepana’s dialogues although were double contendres, served the laughter quotient much needed by our audience. Srikanth Naroju’s camera work was stylish in canning the songs and action sequences while MR Varma’s editing went smooth without any hiccups. Best part among the technicians will be Atchu’s wonderful musical score for songs and background. Each song stood cool and refreshing in its own way. Coming to production values, Ramalakshmi Cine Creations each pie of investment was visible on screen.

Performance wise, Manchu Manoj single handedly dealt the entire show. Great energy levels but he still needs to control the over-enthusiasm which might surely help in long run. The way, Manoj spelled some strong and hilarious one-liners invited loud whistles from public. He is a winner in that way. Next comes, Posani who got a full length role stabilizing the gap between each flashback epsiode of Manoj. He is in fact, the real binding agent for four sub-threads to get weaved into one common fabric. Actually, such characters were offered to Brahmi but Posani appears as a revitalizing replacement. 

Among the heroines, none of them had any scope to perform and to my conviction, they are no actors but are meant to ooze the skin and oomph to make songs more colorful. Good that, Salshi Chowdary and Stcay made it a spicy serving. Of the remaining Ali, Chandra Mohan, Kasi Vishwanath etc did their portions well. 

Out of the Movie Potugadu: For Telugu movie loving audience who got their taste buds dead with on-going agitations in state killing the future of many big flicks, finally ‘Potugadu’ will be a respite. Although there are loopholes in major making deparements, if our demand of providing entertainment mixed with humor is served…we never care for rest. ‘Potugadu’ is undoubtedly the positive film for Manoj’s career. This movie has not only shown the decisive features in Manoj but also showed the way for other directors on how to vent the sustained intensity in him. May it be action scenes or emotional balancing or agility in dances or the variations in dialogue delivery.

Pawan Wadeyar seems to have digested each and every line in his script. While the concept is already proved in Kannada as ‘Govindaya Namaha,’ the changes made to add Telugu nativity and sensibility have worked. Given the dearth of real worthwhile releases in last few weeks, ‘Potugadu’ has the power to stand tall at Box Office. For family audience, there will be some sort of embarassment sitting in theatre hearing numerous ‘Pachchi Boothu’ dialogues (exactly like a Maruthi film), young viewers are explicitly targeted to enjoy. Anyways, there is also a threat of Brahmins to revolt against Manchu film due to some sort of controversially placed sequences. Yet, ‘Potugadu’ will become Box Office ‘Dheetugadu’ for producers.

Cinejosh Verdict of the Movie Potugadu: ONE MAN SHOW OF MANCHU MANOJ.

                                                                Cinejosh Rating: 3/5

                                                                                                    Reviewed by Srivaas

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