Popcorn Review

Popcorn Review
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Director: Murali Gandham
Producer: BhogendraGupta
Release Date: Fri 10th Feb 2023
Actors: Avika Gor, Sai Ronak and others
Popcorn Movie Rating: 1 / 5
Punchline: Popcorn - Flop Corn

Popcorn (2023) Telugu Movie : What's Behind

Avika Gor's Popcorn is generating immense interest among movie lovers with an interesting and catchy title. Avika Gor is turning producer with the film. The film stars Sai Ronak in the lead role and is directed by popular ad filmmaker Murali Naga Srinivas Gandham. The film is releasing on 10 February 2023 and let us find out how Popcorn tasted to movie lovers.

Popcorn (2023) Telugu Movie : Story Review

Popcorn story is about two youngsters who at first instance start hating each other due to their first impression formed on each other. It all boils down to how the young girl and young guy when stuck in the lift in a shopping mall help each other to come out of the situation and deal with how they cope with the other shocking incidents.

Sameerana (Avika Gor) aspires to be a singer but she fails in her attempts due to a reason. She plans to go on a vacation and for that heads to a shopping mall. In the shopping mall, she comes across youngster Pawan (Sai Ronak), a guitarist who plans to surprise his grandfather. Sameerana and Pavan for some reason start hating each other and as fate would have it, they get stuck up in the lift. Where this leads to and how the young enemies who fight like cat and mouse deal with it and the other twists and turns form the rest of Popcorn.

Popcorn (2023) Movie : Artists Review

Avika Gor after a dream debut with Uyyala Jampala attained stardom in a short span but later failed to replicate the magic. With Popcorn, Avika Gor turned producer showing confidence in the project. Avika Gor tried to carry the film on her shoulder with her performance coming up with subtle expressions. She is ok with her performance.

Sai Ronak is good in funny and emotional scenes. In fact, Avika Gor and Sai Ronak with their performances tried to lift the weak story with their performances. There are no other important characters in the film and this in turn turned out to be the drawback.

Popcorn (2023) Movie : Technicians Review

Popcorn movie story selected by ad filmmaker Murali Naga Srinivas Gandham is all about two youngsters who for some reason hate each other and get stuck in the lift in a shopping mall and how they deal with the shocking incidents that happen in the aftermath. Murali Naga Srinivas Gandham came up with a story that is suited for either a short film or OTT and this in fact shows that he dared to take huge risk on his debut on the big screen.

The point he selected for the movie is very small and his inexperience got exposed when he tried to turn the entire film revolve around the happenings in the lift for around two hours. Though the film's duration is less, with no real conflict and twists, Murali Naga Srinivas Gandham ended up testing the patience of the viewers with his screenplay and direction. He failed to get the optimum out of the actors Avika Gor and Sai Ronak.

KSR's editing left a lot to be desired. There are many scenes that tested the patience of the viewers but he couldn't be faulted as the story turned out to be weak. Balreddy showed his talent using camera angles and with his cinematography, he beautified the film making it appealing on the screen. He showed his talent by shooting the scenes in the lift in an interesting manner. Sharawan Bharadwaj's songs are soulful and touching. However numerous songs acted as speed breakers. His RR and background music saved the film from slipping into the nadir. Songs and background music turned out to be the saving grace in the film. Production values of Avika Screen Creations and Acharya Creations are decent.

Popcorn (2023) Movie : Advantages

  • Cinematography
  • BGM

Popcorn (2023) Movie : Disadvantages

  • Story, Screenplay, Direction
  • Execution

Popcorn (2023) Telugu Movie : Rating Analysis

Altogether, Popcorn movie failed to make an impact in any manner on the viewers. The word Popcorn itself excites all as it comes in various tastes and flavors and the title increased expectations with the presence of the talented actor Avika Gor, who also turned the producer. But Murali Naga Srinivas Gandham, a popular ad filmmaker who made his debut as the director failed on all fronts. He failed on the writing front and none of the scenes neither excite nor entertain movie lovers. Except for a few scenes in the climax and a few dialogues, nothing appeals. In fact, everyone showed stars to the viewers with relentless torture. Popcorn story lacks the soul and one can only wonder and pity Avika Gor as to why she turned producer and what appealed to her in the story, except for the title. Maybe she got carried away with the lift concept and the lift instead of lifting her up, slid her down completely. Considering all these points, Cinejosh goes with a 1 Rating for Popcorn.

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