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PK Review
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Behind the Movie PK: Bollywood talented trio of Aamir Khan, Raj Kumar Hirani and Vidhu Vinod Chopra are united for this much awaited flick released today. Without much of preface, let us get into the review portions.

In the Movie PK: Story begins with a spaceship landing in Rajasthan with an alien (Aamir Khan) stepping on earth to study the human life. The remote control or say an entry pass kind of monument for this man to step back into his world is stolen. Immediately story shifts to Bruges in Belgium where Journalist student Jagajjanani (Anushka Sharma) and a Pakistan part time worker Sarfaraj (Sushant Singh Rajput) fall in love and also break up on a reason. Shifting scene back to India, Jagajjanani lands in India and meets PK (Aamir Khan), weird personality circulating the flyers of Missing Gods. Her encounters with PK reveal that he has stuck in a problem of flying back to own space. PK questions every religious and humanity aspect of present day world. PK shows a new way to lead the life on earth. In turn he also learns few bad habits from human beings. Before leaving to his own space, PK has few tasks to complete. What are those? When did Jagajjanani and Sarfaraj meet again?

Values of the Movie PK: Belief and non-belief on almighty is a popular, fancy subject these days for story and script writers. Earlier we have enjoyed a critically acclaimed ‘Oh My God’ which is now remade in Telugu too. Although Raj Kumar Hirani touched the same element, the treatment was peculiar with a rare mix of emotional and humanity based connectivity which made PK a special film. Raj Kumar Hirani derived the characterization of male protagonist with enormous wits. The way he senses and deals the issues in society are wonderfully presented. There is a high dose of satirical approach to amuse any sorts of audience. The subject is damn serious but the way script is weaved with full too comedy entertainment traverses us through layer by layer surprises, each of them glued with a convincing and simplistic adhesive. Audience rise in high curiosity levels with Raj Kumar Hirani shooting us with questions which are never heard before. 

‘Wrong Number’ play between God and God-Men is the trademark style of Raj Kumar Hirani. There are many such touching episodes making PK, a special watch. Dialogues of Abhijat Joshi and Hirani are heart touching. Music by Shantanu Moitra and Ajay Atul played important part in enhancing the feel. CK Muraleedharan’s camera work is quite decent. Raj Kumar Hirani’s editing could have been crispier in second half. Lyrics of ‘Chaar Kadam’ song are just highly meaningful. Production values of Vidhu Vinod Chopra are solid.

On performances front, Aamir Khan proved his mettle again. His innocent looks, unique dressing style, distinct dialect… everything related to Aamir is picture perfect. He steals the show with a superbly etched character which is portrayed with same passion. In one line, Aamir is just amazing. Anushka Sharma is cute looking in short hair. Total story is narrated from her view point. Her chemistry with Aamir is also outstanding. Boman Irani as TV channel head, Saurabh Shukla as God-Man, Sushant Singh Rajput as Sarfa Raj did a fine job. Sanjay Dutt is although in a small tragic role, he left an impression. 

Out of the Movie PK: What can be the outcome of this kind of a movie when there are multi talented geniuses like Aamir Khan, Raj Kumar and Vidhu Vinod Chopra are together. There is very less to find fault about and there are minor chances of something going wrong. The way first half journeys smoothly with witty play of Aamir questioning the functioning of systems in society, second half was way dragged. Death of Sanjay Dutt in bomb blast should lead the subject to a new level of intrusiveness. Here Hirani shifts the focus on to TV Show with no big absorbing moments. Then on the show becomes predictable. May be, he was more focused to happily end Anushka Sharma’s role. Finally, there is some sort of un-fulfillment in the film while exiting. Hirani might alone understand on what really is this?

All in all, ‘PK’ is definitely one of the rare masterpiece works of Indian cinema and the trio behind this film is a bunch of finest technicians. ‘PK’ is a must watch for Indian viewers because it has all the ingredients to connect with our emotions; unique and refreshing story, terrific performances, amazing music and endearing emotions with a social message. Irrespective of the quality of centre A or b or metros, ‘PK’ is going to be a hit at BO.

Cinejosh Verdict of PK: Awesome Message.

                                                              Cinejosh Rating: 3.25/5

                                                                                     Reviewed by Srivaas

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