Pizza Review

Pizza Review
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Behind the Movie Pizza: Telugu industry has always been so open for Tamil dubbing films. SK Films of Suresh Kondeti has been a pioneer in offering tasty dubbing films. This time they are here with a super hit Tamil flick dubbed into Telugu with the same name. Into the horror thriller genre, let us see how tasty was this 'Pizza'?

In the Movie Pizza: Michael called as Mike (Vijay Sethupathi) works as a Pizza delivery boy is in a live-in relation with his lady love Anu (Remya Nambeesan). While Anu is a novelist who loves to do research on horror stories and deadly spirits with super natural powers, Mike is a coward who is scared of such subjects. Things get interesting when Anu gets pregnant and the Pizza shop owner's daughter is effected by the ghost spirit of baby Nithya. As a part of job, Mike is made to deliver a Pizza to a customer Smitha in a bungalow. Actual story builds up from here on when a series of murders take place in this building with each murder followed by missing of a slice of Pizza. In a complete shock, Mike runs to his owner only to get more confused hearing on information that Anu is already killed long ago. What is the actual mystery behind? Is Anu really dead? If not, why is Mike doing all this is revealed as climax.

Values of the Movie Pizza: I sincerely accept 'Pizza' as a wonderful movie watching experience after a long time in this specific category of horror mixed with crime and thrills. Director Karthik Subbaraj seems to be an expert in this kind of story telling format with an unyielding screenplay and excellent push to all the instances. Especially, the pre-interval scenes will blow off our minds to keep interest of audience sustained for a long time from there on. Such a gripping narration will always be a feast. Camerawork of Gopi Amarnath and scary sounds created by music director Santosh Narayanan served as lifelines. Even editing of Leo John Paul was a good work. Production values of SK Pictures are praiseworthy. 

Performance wise, Vijay has done a commendable job in the company of Remya. They have done their parts as per the directions of Karthik Subbaraj. In fact, Vijay has got more chance to express varied emotions than Remya, who was in less make up exactly resembling the girl next door. Their chemistry is not so extra ordinary yet okay. Others in the casting are not worth remembering faces.                       

Out of the Movie Pizza: The actual taste of a recipee lie in the hands of the chef who is cooking it. In such regards, 'Pizza' is the quality dish prepared by Karthik. We know that, films of this genre will become funny stuff if director fails to carry on excitement and bring audience on edge of their seats. Karthik has well utilized each and every technical craft at disposal. 'Pizza' is a complete team effort which seems to be made in a very low budget. The strong grip of director on execution was estimable especially when Mike encounters different people in Smitha's bungalow that is haunted house.  

Commercially, 'Pizza' may not  liked universally but for multiplex audience, this will be a sure shot entertainer. Inspite of dubbing flavor, for Telugu public who would love to watch horror-thriller-suspense category flicks, this one will be a satisfactory experience. Go and watch it for this weekend.

Cinejosh Verdict of the Movie Pizza: Take a Bite Folks...Its Really Delicious.

                                                      Cinejosh Rating: 3.25/5

                                                                                                                  Reviewed by Srivaas

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