Pilla Zamindar Movie Review

Pilla Zamindar Movie Review
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Behind the Movie Pilla Zamindar: Young Nani has become a safe hero for makers. His project selection will be tested once again with a new team in hand for this flick. Hari Priya and Bindu Madhavi looking after the glamour quotient, let us see what is this Pilla Zamindar all about? 

In the Movie Pilla Zamindar: An egoistic, spoiled brat belonging to Krishna Giri Samsthanam is Praveen Jayaramaraju called as Pilla Jamindar or PJ (Nani). As per a legal testament written by his grand father Late Rudraramaraju (Nagineedu), their property of worth Rs.5000 Crore will be transferred to PJ, if he fulfills a set of conditions laid down in the will. 

First is, PJ should complete his Bachelor Degree in a prescribed period of 3 years without failing any subject in any year by studying only in Mallamma College, residing in the College Hostel run by their grandpa’s trust in the village of Siripuram. Second is, PJ should win the College Elections, at least once during his stay at College and Principal Rajanna (Rao Ramesh) is given the authority to fail PJ on any grounds, if unsatisfied.

A reluctant PJ lands in Siripuram and joins the College. This is the place where a wealth minded PJ learns about life, humanity, friendship, love, affection, politics, charity and many more things redeeming himself into a Perfect Human Being. How PJ is helped by ex-girl friend Sindhu (Hari Priya), a close friend (Avasarala Srinivas) and Telugu lecturer (MS) forms the rest. Did PJ win his ancestral property? What happened to Sindhu? What was objective behind the will written by PJ’s grandpa has to be seen on screen.

Values of the Movie Pilla Zamindar: Director Ashok G seems to have done quite a bit of research on story to assimilate those kinds of sub plots and emotions to make his film a perfect pack. Screenplay looked feeble in few occasions yet he touched the hearts of audience many a times. Direction wise, Ashok G has more ‘Common Sense,’ what lacks in present day directors. Dialogues by Chandra Sekhar stood highlighted in entire movie offering entertainment with a philosophical teaching on human morals. Music by Selva Ganesh was a better work in background score. Cinematography by Sai Sriram is very nice while editing by Praveen Pudi lagged in continuity. Production values of Bujji Babu were mediocre. 

Performance wise Nani lived in the role of PJ. His histrionics, body language, comedy timing are equally as brilliant as his sentimental and emotional talent. Nani has well shouldered the transformation of his character from first to second half. Hari Priya is cute and is a natural beauty. Bindu Madhavi’s role has no meat. Bapineedu is regular. Rao Ramesh, MS Narayana, Sameer, Avasarala Srinivas have stolen the show in second half bringing completeness to Nani’s character. Comedy by Thaagubothu Ramesh, Dhanraj and other students batch in college plus cameo by Vennela Kishore and Nalla Venu in pre-climax are thoroughly entertaining.

Out of the Movie Pilla Zamindar: Director has shown a clear distinction between comedy and emotion mixed sentimental drama. While first half is meant for hilarious episodes ending in just one hour on an interesting note, second half is made lengthy with too many heart moving sub plots. A flavor of Malayalam and Tamil cinema is clearly felt in treatment but Ashok came out colorful in achieving his goal of tying audience to their seats.              
Definitely ‘Munnabhai’ and ‘3 Idiots’ served as strong inspirations behind Ashok in penning the second half. Confidence levels in ‘Pilla Zamindar’ team are evidential in closing shots. Movie is elongated towards climax with unconvincing pre-climax episodes. Best and bad quality in director Ashok G is, he had too much of a thinking brain for which two and half hours of run time isn’t enough. 

Well, after watching the commercial blockbusters like ‘Dookudu’ and ‘Oosaravelli,’ if this ‘Pilla Zamindar’ is given the ample publicity (of course, mouth publicity is to come positive); movie has all the ingredients to become a slow winner. 

Cinejosh Verdict of the Movie Pilla Zamindar: Don’t Hesitate to Watch This…It’s Good. (*Conditions Apply).

                                                                 Reviewed by Srivaas

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