Patel SIR Review

Patel SIR Review
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Director: Vasu Parimi
Producer: Sai Korrapati Vaaraahi
Release Date: Fri 14th Jul 2017
Actors: Jagapathi Babu, Padmapriya, Kabir Duhan Singh
Patel SIR Movie Rating: 2.5 / 5
Punchline: Patel SIR - Jagapathi Show All The Way

Patel SIR Review, What’s Behind:

Busy supporting artist Jagapathi Babu’s comeback as hero made Patel SIR an exciting release for the week from branded producer Sai Korrapati of Vaaraahi debuting Vasu Parimi as director. Who is Patel and what’s the task he is on? Let us see in the review portion.

Patel SIR Story Review:

Patel SIR (Jagapathi Babu) is on a killing spree with a blind girl child in his fold. He finishes three crucial members in drug mafia and is on the clearance for final one (Kabir Duhan Singh). Here’s where lady police (Tanya Hope) catches Patel SIR red handed in airport. Now, it’s time for us to know who the girl child is and who is Patel? 

A heart touching flashback of retired Army officer Patel wherein his son Vallabh Patel (Jagapathi Babu), daughter-in-law (Padma Priya) and grandson are brutally murdered in the hands of drug mafia. Now, Patel is on a revenge seeking mission with his grand-daughter and how the mission is accomplished with twists and turns is rest.

Patel SIR Artists and Technicians Review:

Patel SIR can be easily wiped off as a revenge drama if there’s any artist other than Jagapathi Babu in title character. Sunil Sudhakar’s story has nothing exceptional. This makes a whole lot of difference because director Vasu Parimi has beautifully developed Patel, his son, his grand-daughter characters and sentimental thread between grandfather and grand children which paid off heavily in early second half. For reasons unknown, Vasu failed to elevate the actual revenge filled action episodes which made the whole show crippled. Direction wise, Vasu’s inexperience was visible in whole first half. Dialogues were partly good and partly average. Sam K Naidu’s camera work showed JB in a stylish look devoid of age constraints. Especially first song in second half is heart wrenchingly canned. Gowtham Raju’s editing could have saved the movie big time if first half is edited crisply. Vasanth scored a decent RR while couple of songs including the title song sounded good. Sai Korrapati and Vaaraahi Production standards are adequate.

About artists, Jagapathi Babu efficiently shouldered the emotional portions showing the variations in son, father roles. Looks wise, his age was visible on face yet his efforts to genuinely emote were clap worthy. The way he mingles with grandchildren in later parts of film will make audience to drop a tear. Rather than to be called Patel as an action film, it’s right to address the film as grandpa JB’s emotional ride. Especially, JB’s deep baritone added an inherent value to characterization. Padmapriya was perfect while Kabir Duhan Singh, Prithvi, Prabhakar Reddy’s villainy is monotonous. Tanya Hope was hot as cop. Subba Raju got a twist in his character. Posani was hilarious. Rest of the artists does not need any mention.     

Patel SIR Review Positives:

Jagapathi Babu

Second Half

Patel SIR Review Drawbacks:

First Half

Beaten Storyline

Poor Screenplay

Weak Action Part

Compromised Production Standards

Patel SIR Review, Rating Analysis:

Being struck into the busy shooting schedules as supporting character artist, Jagapathi Babu is never expected to bounce back as hero. But, he did the unexpected with Patel SIR. If one has to find the basic reason behind JB accepting the flick is the sensitive emotion in grandpa characterization because the rest of revenge is tediously tested and boring formula. Thanks to Sai Korrapati brand promotions, JB style quotient elevated Patel among audience else it would have left vanished.

Beginning the first half directly with introduction to drug mafia and the killing spree initiated by Patel SIR, audience are left clueless on what’s really happening on screen. Though visual appeal is low in the start, JB alone keeps us tacked to screen. See-saw between present and past flashback keep proceedings to move on at comfortable pace but nothing strongly registered. As audience wait for interval to pop up, director throws a twist by revealing second Jagapathi Babu.

Second half kicks off on pleasant note and 30 odd minutes we are thrown to subtle emotional carry forwarding as whole of sentimental drama ran between father-son and grandpa-grandchildren are poignantly portrayed. While reasons behind the revenge are showcased well, actual action episodes aren’t vigorous. Climax twist is again expected on Subba Raju.

All in all, Patel SIR is worth a watch once just for Jagapathi Babu’s commanding show in a poorly written script with regular revenge line. The senior actor proves that he can still handle a show single handedly if served the necessary meat to live on. While commercial verdict of Patel SIR is something we have to wait and watch, Cinejosh rates the film with 2.5 stars.

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