Patas Review

Patas Review
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Behind the Movie Patas: Nandamuri hero Kalyan Ram urgently needs a strong hit to prove his mettle both as hero and producer. With inputs from brother Junior NTR, he accepted the script of ‘Patas’ provided and directed by debutant Anil Ravipudi. Let us see, how loud the cracker blasted in theaters. 

In the Movie Patas: Story begins with introduction of corrupt politician cum local goon GK (Ashutosh Rana) in Hyderabad, who hates police. Soon lands, ACP Kalyan Sinha (NKR) in Hyderabad to take charge under higher officer (Sai Kumar). In no time, Kalyan begins to shake hands with GK encouraging his criminal activities. Soon after, blood relation between Kalyan and Sai Kumar is revealed, a mysterious death in city alerts police with suspects being GK’s brother and his friends. This brings a sea of change in Kalyan’s sincerity and duty mindedness. Here on there is high voltage confrontation between Kalyan and GK with twists, turns and high dose of action.

Values of the Movie Patas: Putting it straight on nose, ‘Patas’ is a film of two people. One Kalyan Ram, two is Anil Ravipudi. They both have put a perfect commercial mass entertainer before us. No lags, no boring moments… any time, the film has come out alive with racy narration. Story picked by Anil has zero freshness. This one belongs to old tested formula of 1990s extended to present generation in the form of variety of cops. However, Anil was different in treatment and the balanced addition of commercial ingredients kicked the film to high level offering a feast for Nandamuri Fans. More than screenplay, the way Anil sequentially arranged the episodes in second half (like Quran scene followed by MRPF followed by Arey O Samba song) showed the perfect skill in this young man to catch the pulse of common audience. This is what one expects from a debutant director and he delivered it. Writer in him also came out on time to enhance the final output. 

Sarvesh Murari camera work was appropriate for a mass entertainer. Tammi Raju’s editing was so sharp kicking the second half. Sai Kartheek finally got much needed recognition with musical score for songs and BGM was outstandingly reverberating. Production values of NTR Arts are above mediocre levels.

On performance front, NKR walked away with all applause. There was loads of confidence and esteem sensed in his body language. He is quite energetic in showcasing the ease with deadly action scenes, neat dance moves, emotional expressions and also timing the comic punches. In one line, it is a complete heroic display of NKR. Shruthi Sodhi had great body while her character wasn’t properly etched. Definitely, there was authenticity missing on NKR-Shruthi romantic track. Ashuthosh Rana is a mix of deadly villainy and a timely comic quotient. Sai Kumar is fine. Comedy batch of Srinivas Reddy, Shakalaka Shankar, Polu Srikanth Reddy entertained. MS Narayana ended his life making us laugh as Tsunami Subhash. Posani's role as Central Minister reading Sumathi Shatakam was one of the best shot hilarious scenes in film. Of the rest, Kasi Vishwanath, Jhansi, Jayaprakash Reddy, Praveen, Raghu Nandan and others did their jobs.

Out of the Movie Patas: To begin with, Nandamuri family boosted the morals of their Fans with a celebrative start for New Year. ‘Patas’ has a hit verdict written everywhere. Anil Ravipudi has cent percent kept audience engaged with a lively and buoyant narrative required for a commercial mass flick. The way he embarks on story with Junior NTR voice over, Balakrishna visuals in ‘Arey O Samba,’ addition of ‘Seethayya’ clippings demonstrated his mass touch. 

If Anil managed a decent emotional connectivity with brother-sister and son-father sentiment in first half, he took to the complete cinematic freedom in second half with no subject. Total second half is deadly confrontation between hero and villain resembling that of Tamil director Hari (Singham series). Finally, climax was a bit weak compared to the par excellence showed in mid portions of second half. In total, ‘Patas’ is a feast for Nandamuri Fans. We are to witness biggest commercial hit for Kalyan Ram. Especially in lower class centers, it’s going to be a dream run. If support of Balakrishna and Junior NTR Fans is put together, ‘Patas’ might break a few records too. 

Cinejosh Verdict of Patas: Nandamuri Fans Patas Pandaga.

                                                       Cinejosh Rating: 3.25/5

                                                                            Reviewed by Srivaas

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