Paper Boy Review

Paper Boy Review
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Director: Jaya Shankar
Producer: Sampath Nandi, BLN Cinema
Release Date: Fri 31st Aug 2018
Actors: Santosh Sobhan, Riya Suman, Tanya Hope, Bithiri Sathi, Vidyullekha Raman and others
Paper Boy Movie Rating: 3 / 5
Punchline: Paper Boy - Realistic, Honest Love Story

Paper Boy Review, What’s Behind:

Director Sampath Nandi’s passion towards offering good concept based and low budgeted films made him to establish the banner of Sampath Nandi Team Works. Here comes Paper Boy introducing Jaya Shankar as director while Santosh Sobhan, Riya Suman and Tanya Hope in main leads. Let us see, how good is this Paper Boy?

Paper Boy Story Review:

B Tech passed out Ravi (Santosh Sobhan) works as a paper boy to financially support his lower class family of mother, a cook and father, an auto driver. His penchant for Telugu language, poetry and novels draw Ravi towards the like-minded rich girl Dharani (Riya Suman), in fact Ravi admires Dharani without even physically seeing her. Dharani who happens to be the daughter of wealthy and kindhearted man Professor Gadwal Reddy falls for Ravi. Despite economical differences, both families agree for their marriage. However, Dharani’s elder brothers from the USA create obstacles and are separated. An anonymous girl (Tanya Hope) on the brink of death, searching for the very purpose of her birth decides to unite Ravi and Dharani.

Paper Boy Artists, Technicians Review;

As a story line, Sampath Nandi’s Paper Boy looks very simple and easily predictable. It’s the beauty in screenplay along with effective weaving of love and emotions took the film to next level. To mention in specific, Sampath Nandi’s meaningful dialogues with sugarcoated message made Paper Boy much more effective. Direction wise, debutant Jaya Shankar too did a decent job showing his touch in crucial parts of interval, climax. The way Sampath and Jaya Shankar treated melodrama in latter portions made Paper Boy a pleasant watch. Despite the depth in romantic track is still more demanding, Sampath nullified the loopholes with sensible writing. Interval part and Riya Suman’s brothers shaming Sobhan’s parents are two remarkable episodes with Sampath’s brilliant writing mark spread all over. Soundar Rajan’s camera work is amazing in first 40 minutes and then lost the sheen. Thammi Raju’s editing is fine yet second half early part in Kerala may need a bit of trimming. Suresh Bobbili scored distinction marks in re-recording while Bheem’s Bombai Pothava song with DJ mix will woo masses. Production values from Sampath Nandi and BLN Cinema are worth appreciative.

Onto performances, Santosh Sobhan is a talented guy and he chose this Paper Boy character suits to tee. His ease at delivering emotional impact can be noticed in more than couple of key scenes. His innocent looks and low class body language bought authenticity to the role. Riya Suman is beautiful as Dharani and did her part very well. Tanya Hope did full justice in the end. Those who have done parents to Sobhan and Riya were also apt. Bithiri Sathi, Vudyullekha Raman track is over the top. Remaining artists made their presence felt.

Paper Boy Review Advantages:

Sampath Nandi Dialogues

Realistic Treatment



Background Music

Santosh Sobhan

Paper Boy Review Drawbacks:

Flat Storyline

2nd Half Redundancy

Romantic Track


Paper Boy Review Rating Analysis:

Love stories written on poor boy and rich girl with economical differences have been tested umpteen times. Due significance given on families from both sides dragged into emotional play of outbursts, such scripts can create magic if writing and execution go hand in hand. Paper Boy has a meaty conflict at centre with competent dialogues, it’s the execution part had few flaws. Barring all disadvantages, if Paper Boy is analyzed as a whole, the feel in it retains long even after leaving the cinema hall.   

Story begins on new path introducing Tanya Hope as a girl suffering with cancer and exploring the motive behind her birth. Her ideological characterization strikes with many girls in current society. Linking Tanya Hope to a diary written by Sobhan kick starts the actual love story of Paper Boy Sobhan and rich girl Riya. Establishing the families on both sides and romantic meetings of Riya, Sobhan in poetically artistic setup is new and pleasing. Honesty and values in lead characters transforming into a romantic affinity could have been a bit stronger. Interval block is again author backed as Sobhan excelled in throwing out the real artist in him.

Second half begins on dispensable note with hero traveling all the way to Kerla for saying sorry. A romantic lip lock followed by a song brings the conflict back. Moving towards marriage with approval from both sides are palely dealt. Entry of Riya’s brothers from USA did not add any acceleration to the proceedings. One scene forcing Sobhan and his parents to leave Hyderabad again had writer’s stamp. Thrill could have extended more when Tanya Hope ends the diary reading and lands in Hyderabad. Next twenty minutes, narration moves at good speed and links that lead to Sobhan’s trace outs in Maharashtra are deftly handled. In between, Bithiri Sathi and Vidyullekha Raman thread is targeted at other section. 

All in all, Paper Boy is an honest film made with simple and known content. Sampath’s dialogues, Sobhan’s performance and emotion enhancing background score stood on top. Beyond Box Office, Paper Boy might remain as one more pleasant film. CJ goes with 3 stars and commercial verdict has to be awaited.

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