Pandavullo Okadu Review

Pandavullo Okadu Review
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Pandavullo Okadu Review, What’s Behind: South Indian ace director Shankar’s assistant Karthik G Krish directed the Tamil original ‘Kappal’ dubbed into Telugu. Vaibhav and Sonam Bajwa are in main leads. Let us read the following Pandavullo Okadu Review?

Pandavullo Okadu Story: Narration starts off from Vasu (Vaibhav) communicating his childhood friendship with four members Kanakaraju (Karunakaran), Karthik Subbaraju (Arjunan), Venkateshwarulu (Karthik Priyadarshan) and Pattabi (Venkat Sundar), formed into a strong Bachelor group away from girls and love. They believe strongly in misconceptions that love, marriage will spoil friendship and friendship is far above all. All of them take an oath to remain away from those two. 

Vasu is a misfit in the batch because he has liking for girls. As all his trials to fall in love are left unfulfilled in school and college days, Vasu plans to shift Chennai with the only objective of getting a girl. In Chennai, Vasu resides in Nelson (VTV Ganesh) sir’s house and begin his project. In no time, Vasu finds drunken Deepika (Sonam Bajwa) at a posh pub leading their friendly relation turning into love. Meanwhile, Vasu’s friends come to know about their friend’s romance and they land in Chennai to break the love affair. However, Vasu’s slick and smart moves change their minds and they agree for Vasu, Deepika marriage. It’s late by then because Deepika breaks up with Vasu getting ready for marriage with her dad’s business partner’s son Abhay. How these Pandavulu see Deepika back in Vasu’s life is rest of climax.

Pandavullo Okadu Artists & Technicians: Title itself suggests the film doesn’t sport any heroism or any central leads. All five names as mentioned above are core commandos to execute a comic ride. Karthik G Krish did not have any lengthy spanning story. He played within a small story line involving the fun from characterizations which grasp on youthful romantic elements. So, smart screenplay has done the trick for a while. The very thought of young freaks enjoying desolated lives without a female flavor tones an interesting pitch. Karthik used day to day common life incidents as primary story narrating substances providing ample fun. Drawback is there existed lot of predictability in story, making the film dragged and boring at some places. 

Dialogues by Seshu are good at times with funny one-liners catching the pulse. Dinesh Krishnan’s camera work is adequate just like Anthony’s neat editing. Music by Natarajan Sankaran for couple of songs sounded decent. Costly Cassata is worth to hum. Production values of Maruthi Talkies and S Pictures are fair enough for a dubbing flick.

About performances, Vaibhav is the only known face for our Telugu audience. Voice and modulation used for Vaibhav strongly resembled that of Pawan Kalyan. His confusing comedy and timely tactics to escape from friends made him a treat to watch. Sonam Bajwa tantalized in a glamorous role. Chemistry between Vaibhav and Sonam shined in first half. Among the rest, all the remaining Tamil actors added their flavor.

Pandavullo Okadu Rating Analysis: Yet again, Tamil film makers have shown their able competence in dishing youthful romantic entertainers with a scanty storyline and plentiful treatment. One might call this comedy as slapstick, illogical and unconvincing yet if the intention is to tickle your fun bone, Karthik has done it. Till first half, the romantic thread and witty writing entertained well. As second half begins, the inadequate story seems to have forced the paucity in narration and director was sensed stumbling. For example, the lengthy scenes on Sonam Bajwa’s bridegroom or his dad are a total crass.

For young college going patrons, there is generous fun in this film. Forgetting cinematic liberties and non-realistic situations weaved into the run; one can pass the time easily. Despite presence of Aravam artists filling the screen, there is no missing of Telugu nativity. ‘Pandavullo Okadu’ is worth 3 rating for its hilarity. Audience can try it safely for the weekend. 

Pandavullo Okadu Verdict by Cinejosh: Time Pass Comedy Entertainer.

Pandavullo Okadu Rating by Cinejosh: 3/5 

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