Pandaga Chesko Movie Review

Pandaga Chesko Movie Review
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Behind The Movie : Energetic youngster Ram has been struggling from series of failures with Endukante Premanta, Ongole Githa, Masala. He has taken certain gap to make his comeback with the successful genre of ongoing young generation's trend i.e family drama. Lets see in detail how far Ram's planning helped him?

Main Plot : Karthik (Ram) is the young business tycoon in Portugal who have no family emotions, he sees the trade calculations even in human relations. Anushka alias Sweety (Sonal Chawhan) from the same nation is the independent young lady with her own renowned business techniques. As the part of the business planning, Sweety happens to get engaged to Karthik. In the gap between the engagement and marriage, Karthik gets to know about the tragic love episode of his mother Saraswathy (Pavitra Lokesh) which left their family as an orphan family. Knowing the aspiration of his mother Karthik flies to India to reunite his family. In the process he falls in deep love with her in-law Divya (Rakul Preet Singh). To whom Karthik got married at the end? How did he manage to reunite his family? is the remaining interesting plot.

Performances Onscreen : Hero Ram is the big asset of the film. He is value pack especially in first half with his stylish appearance and good looking. He looked very smart as rich guy through out. Both the heroines are nice in onscreen romancing Ram. Sonal Chawhan's attitude and character in first half was good but little unconvincing in second half. Her character was minimised in second half. Rakul Preet Singh seemed to be fit in the role she played and appeared as a girl next door carrying all the village nativity in her traditional dressing and even added spice in songs with her modern dressing and satisfied her fans through out the show. She even challenged critics with her matured performance in the film which we couldn't find in her past couple of films like Current Theega and Rough. Apart from the lead pair, supporting roles contributed their best to enhance the content of the film. Prithvi, Lt.M.S.Narayana, Prabhas Sreenu, Pavitra Lokesh, Vennela Kishore, Tejaswi Madiwada were fit into their roles in generating the comedy and even carried the sentimental emotions whereever required. Brahmanandam asusual stole the part of the show with his own style of entertainment. Sampath and Sai Kumar balanced the positive cum negative roles with their balanced performances.

Technical Aspects Of The Movie : First half is very nice with high voltage entertainment and takes to interval with an unexpected twist and reached higher than the expectations. The racing screen play in the first half favoured narrator in convincing the audience even the main plot is a bit common. But, second half is all simply altered to suit the story and totally falls in the court of Kona Venkat's screen play. The story treatment in the second half would have been a bit sharper to carry the convincing essence of the first half. Very soon after the start of the second half all the characters mould to the frequency of the hero and becomes his slaves mentally which is the same common element every viewer witnessed in almost all the recent family dramas. Story has many sentimental scenes which enhanced with their placement in right situations. Music composed by S.S.Thaman is fresh and was apt to the energy of Ram. Ram's dance to the music entertained viewers to maximum extent. Cinematography gave a rich look to the film. The beautiful locations of Poirtugal were amazingly captured and presented onscreen. Editing would have been quite sharper in trimming the prolonged scenes in the second half, but editor has done a good job yet. 

CineJosh Verdict : Over all Pandaga Chesko is a good family drama with all the essential ingredients.

CineJosh Rating : 2.75/5

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