Pakka Commercial Review

Pakka Commercial Review
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Director: Maruthi
Producer: Bunny Vas
Release Date: Fri 01st Jul 2022
Actors: Gopichand
Pakka Commercial Rating: 2 / 5
Pakka Commercial Punchline: Pakka Predictable

What's Behind

Macho Star Gopichand is teasing all with his upcoming film interestingly titled Pakka Commercial. The film is directed by Maruthi and expectations are high that the film will create an action-packed hilarious ride. The film is releasing on July 1, 2022 and let us find out whether Pakka Commercial lived up to the expectations. 

Story Review

Lucky ( Gopichand) is a lawyer who is extremely commercial. His commercial acts secret gets exposed and this leads to confrontation with his father Satyanarayana (Sathyaraj). To unravel the mystery between Lucky and Satyanarayana, what role Jhanshi(Raashi Khanna) and Vivek Group Chairman Vivek ( Rao Ramesh) played, watch Pakka Commercial on big screen. 

Artists, Technicians Review

Maruti tried to show Gopichand in an out and out Commercial entertainer.  Like all commercial entertainers,  right from the first scene, the story is loaded with routine elements. The narration starts on an emotional note and Maruthi quickly shifted to entertaining elements, with the introduction of Gopichand, Raashi Khanna and other characters. From then on silly scenes appear in name of entrainment. After a routine but interesting twist during the interval after all the senseless and silly scenes in the first half, the second half turned a little sensible. Entertainment takes a backseat and Raashi Khanna goes missing for most of the part. After few routine twists , the narration reaches the climax. When viewers think that the film came to an end, it is dragged unnecessarily with Varalakshmi Sarathkumar's cameo. Finally, Pakka Commercial ends with no real Pakka entertaining elements. 

Gopichand did well in the role tailor made for him. He tried his best to carry the film in his shoulder. He not only attracted with his dialogue delivery and hilarious expressions. However, at times his age showed off on screen. 

Raashi Khanna not only attracted with her cute looks but also with her hilarious expressions. The chemistry between Gopichand and Raashi Khanna attracts masses. She entertained in the comedy scenes. Rao Ramesh made an impression with his unique mannerisms and dialogue delivery. Sathyaraj did the role of father with ease. Ajay Ghosh, Saptagiri, Praveen tried to attract with their comedy. Varalakshmi Sarathkumar appeared in a cameo.

Music of Jakes Bejoy is just ok. His songs didn't make any impact except for a song.  His background music is in sync with the story. It didn't make the required impact. Cinematography of Karm Chawla is good. SB.Uddhav's editing left a lot to be desired. He left many drags and the repetitive scenes slowed the pace of the narration. Production values are good. 


Gopichand,Raashi Khanna

Sathyaraj, Rao Ramesh

Few comedy scenes


Predictable narration

Missing emotions



Routine Elements

Rating Analysis

Gopichand pinned all his hopes on Pakka Commercial directed by Maruthi. However, Maruthi came up with an outdated story. He tried to sugar coat it by elevating Gopichand's heroism embedding it with hilarious elements with scenes involving Raashi Khanna, Saptagiri and others. He even turned Rao Ramesh's character into a caricature. Maruthi's commercial formula this time failed to click as his story turned out to be week while screenplay and direction left a lot to be desired. When the so called emotions and romantic elements turned out artificial. His screenplay didn't inspire confidence and direction lacked the novelty. Taking into view all these elements, CJ goes with a 2 rating for Pakka Commercial. 


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